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Happy Days

Can't wait for tomorrow, it's going to be sunny again :) love it.

My big grandaughter (25) is coming to visit us tomorrow morning and then we have my youngest grandson (7) to look after in the afternoon so I will be able to sit in the garden and watch him play, and forget all my troubles, could not be better.

I might even have an ice cream.


p.s. sorry for all those who dont like the sun, I hate the winter.

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I hope you have a lovely time. Grandchildren are such a joy.

Lynne x


The weather really does make a difference to the way we feel doesn't it polly ? :)

Hope you have a wonderful time with your grand-daughter and grandson and have an ice cream for me too please :p The ice cream van round our way has been sorely missed this last couple of weeks - don't know what's happened to him.


Sunshine gives you a boost, get out about while you can don't know how long it will last Val


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