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Chest Infection Precautions

I joined the forum only about 4 weeks ago when I initially wrote a summary of my case and was totally impressed and touched by the reaction I received from quite a few members but unfortunately can't individually refer to since the names were rather forum username. What is more important is that the replies I got extremely shifted my morals up and encouraged me to disregard assumed prognosis. I am sure you will be glad to know that I have conscientiously adhered to the exercise and the life style without the anxiety particularly with regards to the daily swimming exercise. This has produced tremendous results in my ability to breathe and spend more time doing some office work for my company.

One thing that came up and I thought some of you may be interested or at least you may want to check with your GP regarding prophylactic measures against possible chest infection. I am sure your GPs must have, at the time you are diagnosed, recommended that you take flu shots. As you know these shots are most effective when taken towards the end of the fall season like October or beginning of November. In addition to that my doctor is of the opinion that a once a month long lasting penicillin shots may be a good idea.

Hope you all had a good summer holiday and as always look forward to reading good news about all of you.

Best regards,

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hI Roushdy.

Glad you are impressed by the forum and the reaction you received. That was good information you left on here. I always start suffering with infections and pneumonia viruses before the flu shots come out and unfortunately i am allergic to penicillin too, so those shots wont be of help for me.


i am guessing you are in the USA ( you used the word "fall" and in the UK we call it autumn ) I get a reminder every year to go for my flu jab,our Doctors also give us a pneumococcal vacine too.

I like the idea of a long lasting penicillin injection - i am so fed up with taking penicillin capsules constantly. i'm now in month 8 of antibiotics and steroids - a few days after finishing them the infection seems to come back.

I used to enjoy swimming so might try it - i live 2 mins walk (for normal people :) ) from the sports centre so it wouldnt hurt me to take a stroll down the road and try to have a swim.

Hi Krazylady and Roushdy , up till 3 years ago i was able to ' swim ' 3 times a week and i fely so good then , i am not able now but am working towards going once a week soon , i was not able to swim properly as i got SOB but floating around moving my arms and legs was great exercise . I live 75 minute drive from the nearest pool and with petrol the price it is now makes an added problem but could manage once a week when my breathing better too . Swimming is the best exercise and in the sea instead of a pool is top as the salt water helps too , and no chlorine which i can just about tolerate but out in the fresh air is better . Keep up the good work Roushdy and Krazylady , you won't regret giving it a try , aquasize is really good too , if you can manage it xxxx Dinny xxxx

thanks Dinny - will definitely give it a go now

Swimming is amazing isn't it? I went this morning and managed my first 1km swim. I have to stop occasionally but I only started in March (after a 25 year break) and managed 8 lengths. Today I did 10 times that many!

I've never heard of the monthly injections but it sounds like a good idea!


Hello Roushdy :)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling much better and that the exercise regime you are following is having a beneficial effect :) Keep it up !

My GP's surgery rings me around September time, to remind me that my flu jab is due and I would never even consider missing it. My arm feels uncomfortable for a day or two but that's nothing compared to the effect that flu would have on my COPD, so it's well worth it.



Ii too am quite new. My GP practice seems really good and the doctor I see specialises in COPD and has a respiratory nurse. They have told me I will get the pneumonia jab (one off) and an annual flu jab and I will be called late September. They will also look at giving me a supply of antibiotics to keep at home. He wants to wait a bit for that as I have only had one chest infection in 5 years and initially, he wants me to go and see him if I think I am getting something.

Welcome to the site. I find it really helpful.


All sounds great your doctor is only making sure that you can manage your condition before they let you decide when you have an infection and know the warning signs that the body sends out for us to listen for when infection starts.

That's really helpful. In the past, I suppose I've always had the attitude of 'it's just a cold' or 'It will soon get better' so I can't say I have paid much attention to my own body warning signs. That will have to change now.

When I last had a chest infection, about 2 months ago, it was my doctor who noticed - I thought I just had a cold.


Krazylady - Hi. The same thing was happening to me. Since Christmas I had constant infection. Sputum sample cultured haemophylas influezae and was sensitive to penicillin and doxycyline. After two week courses back came the high temp, thicker nasty gunk and generally feeling c***. My consultant thinks I am colonised with HI - not too worried by that as long as it stops playing up. I then had a months course of amoxil 3g a day followed by a month of Doxy.

Just wondered if you have had samples in for mc&s and if your abs courses may need to be longer and at a higher dose. Just a thought. Not sure what your condition is but in bronchiectasis we need higher doses and for longer.

Roushdy - so glad you have a good doc and are well in control of your condition. Happy swimming.


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