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Bathroom blues

aaargh! the hastle.....nothing seems to be straight forward in this bathroom renovation! yesterday after blogging happily about how well it was going, it all started going pear-shaped....the guys working on the job have been marvellous though and have kept me well entertained while we waited for deliveries etc. It all seems back on track now!

I'm almost packed for the hols, my eldest son is busy ironing (bless him!!) so that wont need doing when we return. Tomorrow I have to empty the bedroom so it can be decorated while we are idea where I'm going to put might end up in the studio....or the shed lol!

Its still sunny up here....really hoping it stays that way for the foreseable future.....I'd like a picnic or two in the sunshine this hols, although to be honest, we are well used to perching in the back of the minibus eating our butties :-)

I find myself quite tired, although the steroids are helping soooo much, I have lots more energy for the day to day stuff. I need a repeat persciption but my consultant is away so I'm hoping my GP will play nice..I have an appointment first thing tomorrow, Last time I saw home he "code red"ed me to the hospital so I'm feeling a bit nervous about going :-)

hope everyone having a" well" day and enjoying whatever is happening on their planet.

Mrs S xx

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Oh, I can sympathise - we've just about finished a makeover in our bathroom. A very quick solution to the bathroom blues was found - she's painted it Primrose this time... ;-)

I have a couple of little jobs to finish off yet. The bath panel got damaged, so we have a new one but it needs cutting to size. My father-in-law did it last time, which is why there was a good inch missing from one end...

Otherwise, we've skimmed and whitened all the grout on the tiles in the shower area, cleaned the shower panels totally by taking them off. Impossible to clean some bits unless you do that. New paint, yes Primrose. I stripped some silicone seal from round the window as it was going black with the condensation, re-done all that and it looks 'nice' again.

We live in an old terrace house and the bathroom is only 'single brick', no cavity to keep the warm in 'cos they didn't think about it back then. There's a bit that sticks out of the back of the house, with the kitchen below and the bathroom above, 2 of the walls are external - not good in winter.

Hope it all gets finished for you so you can enjoy your hols.


I have a great deal of sympathy with you Mrs. Shimmy on the renovation front *hug*. The bungalow I'm in has been undergoing modernisation and improvement for the past 5 years ! :) I'm growing quite used to having a cement mixer in my 'front' room ........ hahahahahahaha

Have a lovely holiday; I hope all goes well for you and that the weather (which is glorious here in West Yorkshire today) holds.



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