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Someone recently asked me about the Disabled Rail Card (sorry - can't find your post) so here are the links. I am linking to both the Disabled and Senior Railcard as if you don't qualify for one you may qualify for the other. If you find that you would qualify for either - as someone 60 plus but who also happens to get attendance allowance - then I would suggest that you still go for the Disabled Railcard as first choice. This is because it covers both yourself and a travelling companion for the 'third off' discount. Also at £20 it is £8 cheaper than the Senior Railcard. Hope this has been of some help. P.

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In previous years I have used the disabled rail card, qualifying on the old incapacity benefit, equiv ESA high support level now (for anyone not on DLA you can still get one or could), you will of course need to provide proof (copy of your benefit letter) sent with application. Used to be able to get railcard forms from the railway station, the form used to come with a pre addressed envelope. Big savings I found if using the trains more than 4 x a year (about 2 hour + journeys). I recall only needed to use railcard twice to recover cost of the railcard (that was travelling about 80 miles each way x 2)

My parent use a 60 plus railcard, they also can purchase an additional ticket for people travelling with them.

Personally I've not purchased one for a few years now, so things may have changed a little by now.

I avoid public transport during winter months when coughs and sneezes are rife, so easy to get a cold or lung infection during that period when using public transport.

Hope this has also been of some help to those thinking of getting a rail card.

Happy journeys

Zoee :)


I recently applied for a disablility railcard but was turned down , i am in the ESA support group not DLA but even though im on ambulatory oxygen and sent a consultants letter ESA dosnt seem to be recognized to qualify for a railcard.

Hopefully they are just catching up with new system.

best wishes sally


May be worth others checking if ESA and DLA qualifies for rail card.

It could be determined by the rail company concerned, what part of the country you live, etc these could have a bearing on why some parts of the country award it and others don't. Similar to how our different County Council's operate.


That's true stitch, but ESA high support replaced Incapacity Benefit which did qualify for disabled rail card at one time. ESA high support means you are unable to work for health reasons.

Also people can be disabled without qualifying for DLA but do qualify for Blue badge and diabled bus pass! As they say in the US - Go figure.


Are you eligible takes you onto a page that explains what you need for this national scheme that covers all the train companies there are no regional differences now all are under ATOC.


In July I know receiving DLA would qualify one for a disabled railcard as mine came up for renewal. A plus for this card over the seniors one is that there are no time restrictions so you can travel before 10am and can also reserve seats.


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