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Today, realisation set in

Its 01.35 and my door bell rings - i answered the buzzer ( live in a block of flats) and some bloke tells me hes Jim from number 21 and had forgotten his key - problem is the lady in number 21 has 4 young kids and no husband so he sorta picked the wrong number - anyway i said hang on and went to the front door to see him hiding in the bushes- i just stood looking at him for a few seconds and suddenly he ran past the block.

So whats the realisation ?

i can no longer do what i used to do as a matter of course - i used to be a store detective and then a job similar to that of a prison officer - i used to chase people half my age across the car park, grab them and wrestle with them on the floor, in my current job i would often wrestle people ( usually men) on the floor - i went to the front door, a matter of feet, stood for about 3 mins, walked back to my living room and rang the police totally out of breathe, in the old days i would have chased the guy, taken him to the floor and held him there till help arrived.

so i got just one thing to say ......................... bloody COPD! :(

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Sid that im just glad your safe. If you had done what you would have done before your condition typu might not be here to tell your story. Be safe. X bb

Hi, I know COPD slows us all down and sometimes badly, I feel useless at times, but in this day and age its doesnt matter if your young, old, well, ill its the weapons that they use. So its not worth risking your life for a low life, you did the right thing in calling the police, glad your safe take care Julia x

:( x

It's frightening. I am glad you are ok.

you were very alert to the dangers to you and others.

calling the police was the right thing todo rather than tackle him

I understand your frustration, but you did what was right, and as for COPD it sucks !!!

obviously the brain is still active to realise he had picked the wrong number, well spotted. It's never safe to chase anybody theses days what with knives and needles, as I kept telling my son, he used to be a shop manager and would put himself in all kinds of danger to get a shoplifter, just to be made redundant after 17 years. Stay safe. xx

Hi Amagram ,

That shows how much things have changed in the work force , dedication like that would once have garanteed a secure job but now eveything is temporary , to a certain degree , now they don't even have to give a reason for dismissal ( i think ) . I hope he finds a job where his loyalty is appreciated xxxx Dinny xxxx

Hi Krazylady ,

I too had a rude awakening re COPD , about 30 years ago i tried to 'hop ' over a wall and just stayed where i was !!! , i felt devastated . Good brave hearted honest people are like hens teeth so stay safe , please , and call the police if anything like that happens again xxxx Dinny xxxx

Ah but you still have the alertness and awareness of suspicious behaviour. Chances are another person would have buzzed them in.

Just don't ever buzz them in or open the door to strangers.

Glad you called the police.

Take care, Be safe.

Auntymary xx

Thanks Aunty truth is a few years ago i would have tackled him and held him till Police arrived ( sounds heroic but i am trained to do it) but i couldn't breathe by the time i got to the door!

get ready to giggle - most people are scared of spiders or snakes, whats my fear ? ambulances ! so i am standing outside the shop and this ambulance comes flying towards us, blue lights and sirens - what does superhero do ? starts crying and hides behind one of the managers who had broken his arm !!!

The only damage was embarrassment!

There was an off duty police officer there - who told his mates at the local police station so whenever i bumped into a copper i know i would be ribbed something chronic - and of course the staff couldn't wait to get on the phone to spread the word round the other shops.

I have never been one to take crap of anyone - looks like i will have to learn to now!!!!


i know what you mean about shoplifters - i was once dragged 500 yds when i got caught by his car, but here's the funny bit, 999 reported 24 calls for an ambulance and most saying they thought i was dead, i had a few grazes but nothing serious enough to keep me off work,

I expect all those shops wanted to employ you as security krazylady :) don't fret, you still have a lot of knowledge that will help you and others keep safe, you don't have to get physical to sort the out ;)

x zoee x

I think you were very brave krazylady :) and spot on in the action that you took. Never mind that you can't do what you used to do, as someone else said....... at least your brain is still in gear ! :)

i think its a case of the spirit is willing but thebody is saying "your 'avin a laugh love !!!!" :)

So much has changed over the years. Back in the 70's I worked in a supermarket and, sometimes, the 'lads' who looked after the shelf filling and warehouse would be asked to take their store jackets off and do some shopping - the aim being to look out for shoplifters.

Some quite easy ones to spot were the kids trying to pocket chocolate while in with parents. We had to wait until they had got to the main door and stop them there, parents would scold child, give back melted and broken item and go.

The one that sticks out in my mind, as it put me off doing this small thing for the store, was an Asian family who came in every week and always dropped a few tins of dog food in their own bag, which they then did not pay for. Seems they just went by the pictures and though 'dog meat' was cheap pie filling. They were not always caught, as we didn't do the watching every week, or at the same times.

Even if we saw them, unless we had been asked to watch we were not supposed to tackle them. One lad was annoyed about this, as dog food was his section. Anyway, he tackled them on their way out, got a lot of abuse and the man went for a knife!

The police were called, the family then accused the guy who stopped them of being racist! That they were picked on for the colour of their skin - what rot. No racist motives at all, they were banned form the store there and then and any time we saw them even look in the window we would make a point of glaring back. Shoplifters, thieves, that's what they were.

These days you hear of store detectives being attacked on their way home because they dared to stop someone, who then gets all his mates... Not fair at all.

It's not worth the hassle sometimes, but unless someone stands up to them they just kepe doing it.

Never mind a fear of ambulances Krazy, keep yourself safe and don't try to take action, even though you want to. Get the Police every time, they're supposed to deter crime ?

Leave the wrestling of men to the floor for you dreams... ;-)

well Gordon - i am now remembering "the old days" - the naked man, the drug addict, the smelly man - hang on ! that's not a dream its a bloody nightmare !!!! lol :)

krazylady1961 you did the right thing by calling the Police. Don't feel bad or sad just glad that you are ok and were still very alert to the dangers of the creep. Take care xxxxx

The spirit was willing, the flesh was weak, and the brain decided the right thing to do.

Keep yourself safe krazylady.

Best regards.


Lol krazylady - I would love a job where I could wrestle men to the floor. ha ha xx

trust me Bev - it was no fun - especially when you had a naked dirty protester !!!! :(

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