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Sore behind the ears...

Anyone got any tips for stopping the canula tube making the back of my dad's ears sore? Macmillan nurse suggested wrapping gauze round it but just wondered if anyone had tried anything that they recommend...all suggestions welcome!

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Hi Annie,

Don't know if any of the following can help. I have a sore left ear myself from not lifting the cannula off after a shower to properly dry both it, and behind my ears :( so I guess checking that your dad remembers that might be useful for future reference.

Secondly, if he wears specs, then as a temporary measure he could do as I am now, ie run the cannula up as usual from nose, but taking it over the top of the arms of his specs as it runs over and around the ears - ie it rests and hooks round the end of the arm on the specs, not on the actual ear.

Thirdly, I believe some folks use some sort of foam tubing which has a slit running down it and gets place around the cannula where it goes over the ears, padding it for comfort. I don't know where to get this from in the UK, though could google it or someone else might know.

Fourth, while not suggesting you send all the way to the USA for this, I am sure if your dad would wear a hat, or headband, a mock up coud be made using paper clips or something similar(see pics running down side of page) - come to think of it, could even attach it to the specs like that too ;)

Hope you find a fix for your problem - perhaps fellow airheads will be along later with better solutions, best wishes P.


:) Look what I just found! Think I will order some in myself, they only cost pennies!


Use foam wraps round the hose though they do cut down on the space for my glasses which often fall off or slip down my nose when using them. Medical tape on the arms of the glasses holding the hose away from the sore spots works but not quite as well if you are mobile because it pulls your glasses about.


Hi Anniediv

Sorryr to read that your dad is having problems with the cannula - if the skin behind your dads ear is broken it may need a dressing so discuss with his nurse.

Muriel our nurse has advised he can get Hydrocollid dressings prescribed - prescriber will need to write 'Duo Derm Extra Thin'. They come as sheets which just need to be cut to size and placed on the skin in the problem area.

I hope this helps and your dad gets some relief.

Best wishes



Your 02 provider should supply the foam wraps that go behind the ears...thats where i got mine.


Aha! Thanks for that dorall - you would think they would let us know that they stock these things wouldn't you - I had no idea. Will ask for a few with next 02 delivery :) Many thanks p.


These can work wonders because it can keep the cannula off of ones ears all together. They can also be easily home made with a bit of fabric and a little bit of velcro (a sewing machine would speed the process up) Angled over the crown (back) of the head works best. You could also fashion one out of string or rubberbands. It takes a tad of adjusting but it does keep it off your ears and leaves you room for your glasses too.


I never thought my dad's sore ears would generate so many replies but thank you very much everyone!


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