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ageism, and cost cutting

HYi you may remember graham from the nhs site, hello all.

i was then waiting to move and have now complted that, never again, but now on level ground in a bungalow, in a tiny village in kent, heaven

Anyway this meant i at to register at a new doctors, 12 doctors, 3 copd nurse, dream come true,? saw the copd nurse, 5 july, i told her i had never seen a consultant, chest consultant etc, her reply, no need for that we can diagnose all of that here, asked about drug to ease sputam, reply, use the huff,huff, method, asked about ct scan, no reply.

Saw new doctor same day, he said he had refferred me to rehab, having rung them this has not happened,. I have also noticed, i only get one of each puffer now instead of two.

The purpose of this blog, have i picked a not good doctors, or despite what cameron tells us,IS COST CUTTING, AND AGEISM ALIVE AND WELL IN THE ENLISH NHS, LOOK FORWARD TO THE AMERICAN WAY OF HEALTHCARE.

thanks for listening, and gordon stuff the cretins,, graham2

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Makes you think! Is there no other surgeries in the area? Val


Hi, glad you are finding living on one level easier, I moved out of my house into a small bungalow quite some time ago and my lfe is so much better for living on one level. my doctors are very good, and manage my copd very well i never have a problum getting my drugs, and always keep a good stock of them at home, I just wish they would stop asking me if i smoke i gave up seven years ago, but they still ask

me the same question try and find another doctor, who will listen to you


Hello Graham, glad you have got moved and are settling in. My opinion? I don't care how many doctors or nurses the surgery has I would be VERY unhappy not to be referred to a specialist in COPD, i.e. a consultant. I would be VERY insistent that I wanted this to happen as soon as possible. I would also chase up the pulmonary rehab. Good luck.


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