Not a good day today

I can usually manage my bronchiectasis these days but today has not been good. I might even need to stay in bed tomorrow. On Thursday we had a book club meeting after work, or in other words an excuse for a small select group to sort of discuss a book, have a drink and a bite to eat. I was late home so did all my chest stuff quite late.

Friday we took the day off as it was our 27th wedding anniversary. Had a day out which did involve a bit more walking than I would have liked but not too bad. Back home early enough to pick daughters prescription up from the GP.

Saturday - the killer! I had volunteered to help with the church cake stall for an hour. There was a gazebo but it absolutely poured down and I got wet. I then had to get food for a picnic in the evening. Next was the gym and personal training to keep my lungs going. My trainer is an exercise specialist and did treat me gently. I then had to do my evening ministrations too early as we went to an open air concert at Audley End. Disabled parking was great - really near the entrance. We found a place put our chairs down. We had our picnic. The problem was it seemed that over 50% of the people were smoking. It did my lungs no good and even my husband said it was too much.

Result - lungs hurting, not feeling good and day in bed alternately sleeping and watching the Olympics.

I think it has shocked my husband that I can't do it all!

I might not go to work tomorrow if I still feel bad - a disability day.


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  • Hi Judith I think you have well and truly earned a rest day or two !!

    I would not have been able to do all that, perhaps you are doing too much and this is your body saying enough is enough.

    Rest up and feel better soon.


  • Gosh that sounds hectic, no wonder your feeling bad :-(

    Hope you get plenty of rest & tender loving care and you feel much better soon

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • I think perhaps I did do too much! It's going to be paracetomol tonight to try and stop the pain. I also realised I filled in the travel insurance and gave the wrong answer to one question! I shall have to ring them and the price will go up.


  • We all do it! then regret it, hope your feeling better soon Val :)

  • I've done the sensible thing for once and rung in sick. I'll do nothing today and will hopefully be better tomorrow.

    Thanks for your concern.


  • Get well soon Judith. I have a husband who thinks he can do it all and then finds his body just gives up! I do try not to nag but what can you do? Rest up and feel better. Lots of love, xxx

  • Do you use a "pep device" to clear your lungs ?.. I use mine 3 times a day and could not amnage without it.

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