Bit sad

My husbands grandson aged 22 got married today, unfortunately we were unable to go, I think I could have made it but hubby not very mobile and it was quite a walk from the carpark to the church. I know he would have loved to have gone, as would I. We have to satisfy ourselves with the pics put on facebook, they look fantastic just sad we could not be there.


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  • I am so sorry to hear this Polly. But if you can't go, you can't go. I am sure they understand this.

    My brother died in 1988, from cancer aged only 39. My Dad, whom I loved and was 80 at that time, had just had a stroke and could not go to the funeral. He felt awful about this but everyone knew he was there in his heart.

    Lynne x

  • That's such a shame polly :( but if you're husband's not very mobile and you may have struggled to walk from the car park then maybe it's best that you didn't go. You can save the photos from Facebook onto your computer and have your very own album :) I do that with pictures that my daughters puts on there :)

  • That is sad Polly, but I am sure you were both there in spirit. Award yourselves a nice drink, to celebrate for him. Champers? Or perhaps a G & T?

  • Thank you everyone, feeling better today.


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