I know it might be a stupid question, but here in Denmark, when you are on symbicorte turbu, you get told you can have the cheaper one!! And I have asked at the chemist, what is the diffrence, and they say its the same, somehow I dont beleive it, but ofcause I am no expert, would be pleased to hear from anyone , is it the same in the UK, and is there a diffrence.

Have a good day all .

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  • The generic is usually the cheaper version of the medicine.

    For more information on generic drugs - check wiki page link below:


  • hi Dane & everyone !

    I live in spain and have the turbo symbicorte

    one time my GP wrote the script for Foster inhaler to use as a "sometime" inhaler as well.

    On my next hospital visit to neumologia consultant ,she told me to use one or the other of them as they were the same !

    so GP had given bad advice !

    the symbicorte turbo is 64€

    I am unsure of cost of fosters inhaler as i dont have the reciept to hand ,

    could that be the "cheaper one" Dane ?

  • Good morning Everyone

    I dont know, but this one my husbands gets cost £ 100.00 here in Denmark, and its made by AstraZeneca.

    He is going to the doctors today to see if he can try something else, which will help him with his breathing, I do hope so, as it seems to be getting worse.

    Have a good day every one

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