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Deep Relaxation Technique

Hello, I told a couple of people I'd write out the sort of deep relaxation techniques that have helped me to relax. It's not a difficult thing at all, in fact, its simplicity is the very thing that makes it useful.

If you ever do anything like meditating, or something to relax you, then there ought not be, in my opinion, any fixed way to sit, because the purpose of such things, is to achieve something, relaxation or a connection to the real you, like by finding a way to shut off all of the outside noise, the haste, the impressions, the motion, all of it, to get in touch with your own self, in a natural way and in its natural state.

There is so much exterior drone, that it drowns out our own inner voice, the one that guides us, and is something deep within, so not something like someone when ill mentally, and hearing voices in the head, but, the quiet part inside, that is maybe the core of your being, your intelligence, everything, which all makes up your drive.

Being able to take moments to kind of separate from the outside drone of life, is a way to charge your batteries up.

Most Simple Meditation

Keep your eyes open and look at a spot somewhere in the room that is easy on your eyes that you can focus on, just to stop looking all over the place, it could be anything in the room but if you are sat down in the way you feel most comfortable, in the way that will allow you to sit quietly without fidgeting around all the rime, then a spot on the ceiling wouldn't be easy on your neck if sat in an upright position, but if you are laying down then yo could fix your gaze on something on the ceiling, or even attach something nice to look at somewhere which will be in your direct line of vision.

a/ I forget everything that has happened to me lately and go to the place deep inside me where it is always safe and warm

b/ I'm loving and I am loved, I deserve the best, I let everything from the past go and I forgive others and myself, so that those things and people cannot control me or my life, I am free. I choose to think things that support me and make me feel strong, I create the atmosphere I need by making sure that those around me reflect my chosen positive attitude.

The things I choose to think about others, will determine what they are able to show me.

My thinking directs my own movie in life, it can open or close doors for me.

I love myself so I take care of myself in every way that I can.

Sit comfortably.

Then starting from your toes, say out loud (not loud as regards volume but speak it as opposed to saying it silently in your head)

• 1) I relax my toes (to do this you might need to wriggle your toes to make a connection, get in touch with them, focus ion them to make it real, by moving them too, you may exercise hem a little so that you can then relive the stress there and then relax.

As you do this, you will gradually become truly focused on your own body and it will calm you and give you power to influence how you feel.

Therefore, though you may move from your toes, to your foot, the heels, the soles, the ankles and then further, you may feel that you need to go back a few steps, because working those parts causes you to wan to wriggle your toes a little bit more as you are now getting your energy to move around and meet up/bundle, there is no harm at all in taking all the time in the world to do this for you, and to go back and forth getting in touch with what is in fact you, of course you are your mind and your feelings, your opinions, but you is you and your body, the you as the thinker, the director, is slightly different to you the body, as without you the person, the thinker, the individual, your body would be nothing,


without the body we'd be nowhere either.

This is why, though the two are combined to make what is us, we need to un-confuse the two parts, so that we can allow ourselves to feel our bodies because if the body is stressed out then it affects how we think.

Even though illness is affecting how we feel physically, we can still overcome some things by learning how to relieve stress where it is possible, instead of making the conditions we are dealing with, feel even worse.

Here I won't speak about souls and spirits as these things are closely or very often associated to belief systems and religion, and things are confusing enough, we want to deal with scientific medical, and feelings, meaning because we have a mind, we can think and feel if we had no mind we would not be able to perceive or feel pain and distress, happiness and joy.

This is why, it is better to consider this a matter of mind and body.

What creates a mind and why they exist how they do is another issue.

Mind and body relax.

Feel your toes then move slowly, further, to move your feet or foot, it depends if you wish to do one side then the other or do them together, that's up to you.

• 2) Feel your feet, say,

I relax my feet.

And because you say you do, and are, then to make it real, the movement you feel you need to make is connected to this getting in touch. so what you feel ,listen to it and do it, if you feel you've had that bit now, then move on, slowly, think of your ankles, move your foot in circular motion and feel the tension drain out and the pressure go. Feel the comfort and the relief.

• Enjoy that.

• 3) I relax my shins and my calves. Feel that and do whatever you feel you need such as move your feet to feel the muscles at the back of your leg, carefully and gently, circle your feet to focus on feeling your shins and calves.

• 4) Move upwards and whatever part of your body you think of, simply say that you relax it and then hover around on that part trying to get in touch with it, willing yourself to relax it, as though it were blessing it with every good intention you ever had, now all focused on you and this form of love for yourself (not vain love)

• 5) Obviously once beyond the thighs, we come into contact with lots of very important organs, muscles, and as you arrive there with all of your being/mind/focus you will feel them, like as you never did before (especially when you use this and make a routine of it).

Give the upper part of the body lots of time, there is no train to miss, only the one that is your own luxury carriage, all for you. Bath in this gentle real love and let all of your heavy thoughts go, don't think of you and don't think of them, just be here now in the moment and feel. Be kind to you, that is all, let it all go.

• 6) Work around upwards, think in terms more of joints and muscles first then the organs, but, if you feel you are drawn to needing to try to feel those parts in you first as you move upwards, (organs), then do tha, you may start feeling things like you probably never did before as nobody told you how, do then whatever makes you feel good and whatever feels right as that will be right for you, not them (whoever they may be).

As you work you may feel yourself becoming more aware of yourself and what you are doing, how you're sitting, if you are sitting in a way that is only making you feel (more) rotten you might suddenly feel a natural reflex like the urge to sit up straight, which will relieve pressure in itself, on your internal cogs/machinery = diaphragm/stomach too.

• 7) As you are getting in touch, you may feel your breathing getting deeper, as the exercise as a whole will be causing that breath to be relieved of unnecessary stress, so you may suddenly notice that you've become aware of your own breath, its sound, its movement, without you having even got to that bit yet, but, do go with the flow and do not be afraid to feel, what you will feel is YOU, without all the rest, without all of the deviations from what is your peace and relaxation, release from the energy consuming things.

As you work you may start to get a sense of all of the things being in harmony, in connection to one another, and, they are, so to feel it, will help you feel whole, you are always whole, but so many things lead a person t feeling as a fragmented person, illness does that too.

Getting to you shoulders, another powerful part, where lots of stress is, you can move gently there and slowly, and in unison roll your shoulders for however many times that feels nice, your neck will then be dying for a go, and you will feel powerful and in control of your feelings, by getting a hold as much as possible on your body.

The face, well there we have our most sensitive elements, and they are all combined, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and the other one touch, well that's all over, maybe touch is slightly superior then as all of what this is about is touch, getting in touch. These senses are a thing to take time with, you can discover wht feels nice for you, like opening and closing your eyes, moving your face, everything that you discover moves, and that works for you, you can name it, as you say

• I relax my chest

• I relax my neck

• shoulders

• shoulder blades

• face

• ears

• nose

• jaw

• forehead

When you've had everything you can think of and have reached your crown, you can try to let everything flow out there and listen to what you feel. You may take a deep breath, one that is maybe like a big sigh of relief.

If you get the hang of it, and like it and feel that you felt some benefit and want to reinforce it you can go through it again, at the end you can 'just do nothing' but 'just be'.

There's no harm in just being, with no expectations, no nothing, just relax.

I wouldn't bother sharing this, but as it helped me a lot, and still does, I thought maybe someone else will benefit from it.

This is a powerful technique that can allow a person to master control, like when the body is demanding so much of itself, one can revert to the practiced technique and calm the system, which is good for the heart, which is good for the lungs.

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Relaxation, and how to achieve it, is a great goal to aim for. I'm a big believer in it and feel it has helped me enormously in coming to terms with COPD, as well as many other situations in my life.

Many thanks for posting this TJohn. I'm sure it will be of use to other members, especially those who have difficulty sleeping.


They do relaxation at PR nice music dimly lit room describe how to relax your whole body Val


Hi John, taking time for relaxation / meditation was including on the PR course I attended, I especially think it is something that will help people newly diagnosed, those who are coping with coming to terms with anything at all, excellent to destress and to focus on the inner nurturing which we all need to give ourselves from time to time.

I used to practise yoga / meditation / relaxation in my youth and later did teach the latter two I appreciate the great benefits that can be gained by this regular practice. Now I mainly do exercise and medication :D but I do enjoy my garden and find it great for relaxation and getting in touch with the inner appreciations.

Thanks for sharing John Keep up the good work :)


Thankyou John. I have found this really useful.


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