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things people say

i read this and wondered - what would you add to the list?

the best one i had was when the HR ( no longer there after "leaving" due to foot in mouth disease) woman told me that COPD was not as serious as asthma, so with a bit of rest it will go!!!

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thought of a good one !

you look really good - are you better?

Yes i get that one despite me telling or rather trying to educate them, my reply to them is "yes im perfectly fine so long as i dont move !"

LOL - gotta smile at those with little understanding....

My grandmother swore by the great British cuppa, it would cure anything :) lol

You're still breathing that's a big plus :)

Thats gotta win first place Zoee xx lol xx :)

LOL - - :) I always think thats funny - sure do like breathing :D

just read the aricle, its like people always ask me how richard is, and if I say not too bad they seem to sigh with relief that I won't bore them with his illness, so now he is always, not too bad, even if he's in hospital. I guess its just human nature. But when the stupid comments come from te so called caring proffession, that's another story.

my dad always used to say, when people said he looked well, "yes al be the healthiest corpse in the graveyard"

I always get the 'you're looking well' quote. I'm not sure what people expect to see although my aunt said she expected me to be crawling on all fours with an oxygen cylinder strapped to my back.

The think is I do look well! I don't always feel it but I do tend to look well. Rosy cheeks etc. I am a 'healthy looking ill person' as my mum says.

Marie x

"now you've got oxygen you will soon be better"

"how long will it be before you are better?"

i read pages about comments people make some of them so unbelievable youve got to smile !! My one friend said i needed to go out more when i said its not that easy she said make yourself you`ll feel better! So the following week i went to a card making class i used to go to i did enjoy it but when i got home i slept for 3 hours and it took me another 3 days to stop feeling quite so exhausted her answer to that was `you must have done too much` when i said i get so tired its over welming she said `i know what tired is ` so now when she says have you been out i say yes and if she asks where i make it up!!! I dont need comments of i understand when they obviously dont!! And people arent really that interested when they ask how you are not in the details anyway.

Only last week, a member of my family who has seen me totally helpless for weeks at home alone,after being discharged from hospital after a bad bout of pneumonia, casually mentioned in conversation that ,ok ,i had a few breathing problems, but sitting indoors all day was doing me no good, and i really should make more effort. ( ! ) Don't you just love 'em ?

No, but you can try!xx

This reminds me of this poem:

There's nothing the matter with me. I'm as healthy as can be, I have Arthritis in my knees, and when I talk, I talk with a wheeze.

My pulse is weak and my blood is thin.

But I'm awfully well for the shape i'm in.

Arch supports i have for my feet, or, I wouldn't be able to be on the streets.

Sleep is denied me night by night, But every morning i feel i'm alright.

My memory is failing, my head is in a spin.

But, i'm awfully well for the shape i'm in.

The moral is this as my tale i unfold, that for you and me who are growing old.

It's better to say 'I'm fine' with a grin, that to let folk know of the shape i'm in.

Old age is golden i've heard it said, But sometimes I wonder as i get into bed,

My ears in a drawer, my teeth in a cup, my eyes on the table until i wake up.

E'er sleep overtakes me i say to myself,

Is there anything left I could lay on the shelf.

When I was young my slippers were red, I could kick my heels over my head.

when I was older my slippers were blue, but still I could dance the whole night through,

Now my slippers are black, I walk to the store and puff myself back.

How do I know the my youth is all spent? Well my 'get up and go' has got up and went.

But i really don't mind, when I think with a grin, of all the grand places my 'get up has been.

I get up each morning and dust of my wits and pick up the paper and read the obits,...... If my name is still missing, I know i'm not dead.

so I have a good breakfast and go back to bed!!!!




I love this, it's now on my noticeboard.

What a lovely poem to show all my Breathe easy friends

People are funny aren't they?! Pete always gets "don't you look well!" How else is he supposed to look? Grey, drawn, gaunt etc. We always say that if people ask "how are you" the reply they want to hear is "fine thanks and you?" They don't actually want you to tell them the truth, mind you they would be there all day sometimes. You have made me smile though so thanks for that.

you are welcome Sassy :) x

i get that " well your looking well" i just smile now,,instead of silently screaming inside,they don't know that i have proberly been up most of the night ,and am exhausted,yes i can get washed and dressed and look ok,but when i move its like trying to pull a tractor behind me! i have wrote some poems,about asthma many years ago,when my children were small ,i still dig them out and blog them on here x

When i was new to 02 i decided to go for my first walk oxygen trolley in tow...taking things easy and walking at a slow pace i thought i was doing well and quite pleased with myself.Untill i met my mother in law on the way..she said " Oh i see your out thats good...but can`t you walk any faster? "

Yep I agree with you all. I always make sure I look at my best, unless I am bed bound with a severe infection, Everyone says the same so I give up and say yes I'm fine thanks. LOVED YOUR POEM, its now on my fridge.

All these comments have cheered me up. When I get told I look well I say yes it's thanks to make-up. My sister always tells me what I should do - skiing in clear air would really help!!!!!! Even though she has seen me suffering in the Alps when my daughter did a ski season. Don't get me started about the no of people who say when will you be better and you're not going to have to take so much medication for the rest of your life are you?


thought of another one and this one really pees me of ......................well at your age !!!!


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