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COPD Clinic help please

Puff has been quite ill and in bed the past couple of days, resulting in having to get emergency antibiotics and prednisole this morning and now he's gone straight back to bed again.

He has finally got an appointment at the COPD clinic next week and I am aware that this could be our only chance to talk to an expert for a long time.

Can anyone help please with what sort of things we should be asking about so we don't waste the chance?

Thanks in advance.

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You can always get expert advice from the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555

it costs the same as making a local call and is staffed by a team of caring experts dedicated to answering your questions.

Thank you Athar, puff has called them before but not to ask this so I will let him know.

Hi, when you go to the COPD clinic, take it slowly, don't be rushed and if you don't understand anything you are told ask them to explain. Make a list of any questions you may wish to ask before you go. Sometimes it's hard to take everything in therefore it's good having someone with you.

Get well soon, take care.

Auntymary xx

Pred and AB prescribed again. 24 hours later I feel a lot better. 48 hours and nearly back to normal. A few days after finishing the medicine it starts all over again. Me and Puffess are wondering if the AB's should be taken for a few days longer to make sure the infection is completely eradicated ?

Dads specialist told him that the reason you take antibiotics when you start feeling unwell is to stop a possible infection occurring and five days is sufficient. Thankfully he has only needed to take his emerg meds once or twice and all was ok. He is on longterm steroids, taking prednisolone every other day at the mo as what we are tryingg to achieve is dads quality of life. He is though finding like you that when he stops the steroids or dose reduced greatly, he is not as good as he was so his specialist will up his steroids if need be. But he has explained that having high dose of prednisolone givdes you a false energy. And he is so right. Dad feels great like you but it is not a true reflection of what is really going on in your body. Dad felt he could run a marathon and came downstairs without his O2. He nearly passed out. Point proved and dad knows now that even though he may feel he can run he cant.

Hope that makes sense Puff x

Nice to know you are feeling better but I doubt it is the AB's.

Antibiotics,unless given via IV usually take up to 48 hours to get into the system.

It is probably the Steroids.

I always have a course of AB's for at least 7 days,and sometimes if it is a really bad infection up to 14 days.


We went to the clinic this morning I was surprised at how many tests were done.

Thank you Mark for your help yesterday in preparing for today we appreciated it.

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