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That will teach me

2 days ago I was saying how my reflux is under control now I have blocks under my bed to raise the head. Why didn't I keep quiet, I had the worse indigestion ever last night it lasted about 2 hours, now I am feeling sorry for myself, I have a bad head probably from lack of sleep. I am still in my pj's waiting for the inclination to go and get a shower and make my bed it could take till this afternoon, but I don't care got nothing organised for today so can do what I want.

Don't expect any comments, just thought I would moan out loud.


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i have never been a sufferer but this year its happened to me twice - guess its a "taste" of things to come.

Really feel for you - its really nasty.

hope you feel better soon.

thank you krazylady, *I have just had a long chat on the phone with a friend from Breathe Easy, and I feel a fraud, she is in a much worse condition than me and has a disabled partner to look after as well and never complains, so I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and go and get that shower.


Oh dear polly :( sorry to hear this. I know what you mean about not being bothered to shower and dress, I have days like that, though they are not so frequent recently.

Moan away girl, that's what we're here for....... to listen :)


All done now, thank you everyone.


its funny how we all think the same but don't say it !

When i'm covered by a fit note saying i'm not fit to work i always feel guilty on good days and sit working out when i'm gonna get my uniform on and drag my butt into work then......................

wake up the next day feeling awful.

PMPL xx only you :)

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