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I'm new!

I'm new!

When I say I am new, that means to this site and to COPD.

I am 57 and am pretty fit and healthy but after I gave up smoking in January, I started to have breathing problems. To cut a long story short, I have a very good GP who specialises in Asthma/COPD and the practice has a respiratory nurse.

I was diagnosed with mild asthma and moderate COPD. I have been using salbutimol as and when needed. My GP has monitored me every month and I have had spirometry tests and peak flow readings done. he is very happy with my lifestyle as I exercise (although it is harder than it was), eat well, maintain a healthy weight etc.

I went to see him again yesterday and he wants me to try an additional inhaler for a month (Spiriva) as he thinks that my help improve my peak flow which is pretty poor. So I have got it and will try it for 30 days and record my peak flow every day.

I find the whole thing such a shock. It has all happened so suddenly (only 6 months). I have read up about the condition (using reliable sources only) and am a very positive person. The worst bit has been telling friends and family (smoking prejudice comes out with them sometimes - "It's your own fault really"). By and large though, it's been a case of explaining that when we go for a walk, I cannot always walk as quickly as I used to and I might get a little breathless at times and have to stop. Generally, everyone is fine with that and I feel better for them knowing.

That's it really. I just wanted to say hello and I think I will be using this site a lot.

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Hello, and welcome. I think you will find the Spiriva helpful, it is the one designed for use by people with COPD rather than asthma. I hope we see you often.

welcome lynne.i,m sure you will find everyone on here very helpful.I wishes.

Hello Lynne,

The breathlessness, which you note started after you stopped smoking, I'd say would have stated taking place if you'd continued to smoke, difference is, your lungs and body can now muster its strengths to try to get rid of the debris, and to make the best of what there is while not being battered around by something that the body was never designed to consume, and that'd be the smoke.

Me, about blame, I know for certain it's my fault, my fault because I smoked, I couldn't care less what anyone says, but yet it is true, people may come cross as though they are saying its your fault, and to me, well, I say I don't care but I say that because I know myself already that it is my fault, but that is no longer important, its done, and so either people saying something such as you mentioned if they really are unkind, or insensitive, I think is then using such a thing to feel bigger to feel better about themselves, but, as I said, I'm insensitive to remarks like that, as none of it has a place.

My grandson says, as he pushes me full might in the belly, "Big belly granddad," and my daughter interjects, "Don't say that, hey, bla bla," and me, I say, No, let him say it, it's true, and I want him to say it, it's true, and I want to do something about it.

Anyhow don't start smoking thinking that stopping made you start coughing because it didn't, smoking as you did, before, caused the smoking, and having stopped did not automatically and immediately cancel what you did in the past so the two are entirely divorced from one another.

Thanks for your message. I know I will never start smoking again. I had tried many times to stop in the past without success, but this time I was ready I think. My husband gave up too and he felt loads of health benefits and he doesn't have COPD. It's just unfortunate that I have felt worse since I stopped, but I know had I carried on it would have caught up with me anyway.

Your are right though, when people say 'it's your own fault' or words to that effect, I just tell them that they are stating the obvious and not being very helpful.

Hello lnne :) and welcome to the group x

Providing you follow your health professionals advice and recommendations carefully there is no reason on earth why you shouldn't live for many years yet :) I was diagnosed in 2000 and hope to still be around to celebrate many more birthdays (I'll be 65 next).

Thanks for your message. I think I was a bit shocked with it all because the GP treats me almost like I'm an invalid which couldn't be further from the truth. I am pretty fit and active compared to many of my friends of my age group. I just happen to get out of breath sometimes (and I am better some days than others depending on the weather etc.)

So, part of me has been thinking that I must be worse than I think I am. I have a lot to learn about the condition but my GP is very good and this site has helped a lot already. They checked my oxygen yesterday as soon as I walked into the surgery and it was 99.5 so I gather that's pretty good.

I'm sure I will pick up lots more and reading about the breathing techniques is helpful as I do yoga and the technique is virtually the same.

Thanks for the support


Hello Lynne & welcome to the community, you will find a lot of support here. Well done for giving up smokin & continuing to exercise. You could ask your gp to refer you for Pulmonary Rehabilitation which is a course of education & exercise that will help you manage your condition better.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Welcome Lynne, I second jojam regarding Pulmonary Rehabilitation that is going to give you a lot of information about how to best manage your symptoms and slow down the progress of COPD. Also check out BLF's home page concerning Living Well with COPD.

All good wishes

Auntymary xx

Thank you all. I will ask about Pulmonary Rehabilition. They told me they didn't think I needed it due to my lifwestyle, but I will look into it.

Lynne x

Hi Lnne

Pulmonary Rehab is very good for you,the exercises will improve your wellbeing and your friendship with people of the same ilk will help your peace of mind.Try joining your local Breathe Easy group for more friendship.Details from the BLF

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