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Were did that come from!!!

Were did that come from!!!

Gezz what a day - Nice and sunny, cooling breeze, slowly turning to showers the as i set off on my amble to my car (about 200metres from plant) Whooosh the heavens opened!!!

Now many moons ago i would be fleet footed and covered the distance to dryness in seconds - Now a few years on and a Copder i got b***** drown't - wet through as i ambled to the car.

Spent the 13mile journey home, staring through wet fur/blowing droplets of rain from my nose and basically sitting in a puddle (rain water honest).

Im now off to sit in the tumble dryer!!!!

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Oh how awful for you Muckster :(

I hope you got thoroughly dried once home, and warmed through with a hot toddy maybe ? Take care not to catch a chill !



Ive shrunk must of had the setting to high on the tumble dryer lol

No nice and dry thank you, with a nice cup of coffee and a bit of chocy

How are you, hope you are well and smiling :)

hi muckster thats the reason i havent been out all week -- since sunday to be exact - while i was in a shop the heavens opened and although my car was right outside i stayed under the shops cover (with everyone else) until it had eased off! Havent been out since its been dreadful here - going a bit stir crazy now though!! Hope tomorrow will be better and i can get out if only to the local shops!! Coffee and choccy sound like heaven take care sandra

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