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Finally Moved!!

Hi all, its been a while since my last post as the move happened and only just got internet tv and phone services on today!

We moved all our belongings over the weekend with the help of a small army of good friends giving up their time to us. I stayed at the new place and tried to sort as much as i could while waves of cars pulled up with more boxes!

I was fighting the remnants of a chest infection so had frequent stops to rest and recover before starting again and after a couple of days i think we are finally seeing some progress.

We have the rest of the furniture coming on monday so still a bit to do but feel so much better for being in a house versus a second floor apartment!

I know my wife feels better too, the difference is amazing - no noise, a private back garden to sit in and potter around in, more space in general and my little shih tzu can relax wherever she wants. We have offers from people to come and help decorate as and when needed and im sure we will be taking them up on that!

Overall a fantastic feeling of relief now we can settle in and try to take things a little easier.

Oh and just to top off my high- my new 62 reg car will be ready in 4 weeks in my first choice of colour!

Glad to be back

Tony x

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Hi Tony , that sounds fantastic I am so pleased for you , dont over do things there is always tomorrow to sort stuff out , so pleased you have a garden and i expect your dog must be loving it , hope you get some nice weather so you can all enjoy it outside. New car great sounds like things are on the up for you , wishing you all the best in your new home . Su. x


Hi Tony, congratulations and all good wishes in your new home.

If you can get the low odour paint and also if you can do a bed and breakfast weekend while they decorate. or go into the garden (hopefully weather fine enough but not too hot when they decorate so can have windows open for quick dry etc)

Enjoy your new home.


I'm so happy for you, life is certainly moving in a very positive step forward. Wishing you and your wife best of luck in your new home. x


Hello Tony and welcome back to the fold :)

Congratulations too on your move, I hope you'll be very happy in your new home and reap many benefits. healthwise, from it.



Whens the housewarming then lol


Happy housewarming!


thank you all for the comments we are settling in nicely and each day i do a little bit it keeps my mind off things and keeps me active at the same time

Tony x


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