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Hi all, I'm having many episodes of breathlessness, even pushing the Hoover round does me in! However my oxygen levels are always between 94 and 96 so I'm doing well but why the breathlessness? It's awful and ruining my life. I also have a spinal cord injury along with a few other problems so this is just getting me down. Can anyone suggest why I'm so breathless?

Thanks ver much, Mike

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Mike, have you been taught breathing techniques ? If not, then I would seriously recommend that take some lessons, they are wonderful at regulating periods of breathlessness. Quite often, these 'attacks' are brought on because we're not breathing properly in the first place.

Relaxation techniques are also good, as a way of avoiding panic attacks which only make the breathing worse.



Hi Elian, yes I've had breathing technique training and I don't suffer from panic attacks at all. I do have a coup,e of hypnosis CD's I use daily to keep me nice and relaxed and loose ( so to speak! ) I just don't understand when my oxygen levels are good I get so breathless. My last spiro test said I had lungs of a 69 year old...that shocked me as I'm 39!!!

Thanks for your answer :)


Hi Mike I always get breathless on exertion but that is normal for me now. I still do stuff even tho I get breathless I just slow up when I need to then carry on. People often say are you ok but I actually do feel ok I just am breathless just walking across the room. But I can still to exercise class and breathless nearly right throughout, can still be fit even with breathlessness. During exercise I often use pursed lip breathing to get me through some movements. I'm not on oxygen, good 02 saturations.

If your breathlessness is troubling you check back with your doctor, just to be sure your medicine is working for you.

Are your airways narrowed with the breathlessness? These high humidity days can cause that, just another part of living with a lung condition. Are you Alpha1 Mike or have you been tested for it? just thinking about your young age.

It is ok to be breathless with a lung condition, don't let it stop you doing stuff.

Good wishes zoee


Thanks Zoee. I went to see my nurse specialist last week, she's really friendly and helpful but she said that thats just how it is! Not too helpful or me!

Trouble is I tend to stop doing things when breathless to rest, then I get tired and kinda give up! I know this is the wrong thing to do though. I suppose I've just got to get used to it.

I don't feel any symptoms in m chest when breathless and inhalers don't help, nor does the nebuliser so it's not that that's the problem, makes me feel so old!

Best wishes, Mike


Have you done a pr course yet Mike? It will help you a lot I think, if you've not got it in the pipeline ask your doctor to refer you to a pulmonary rehabiliation course.

Best wishes to you Mike


Yes did one a couple of years ago at the hospital Zoee, very useful but I was limited due to my spinal cord injury.

Appreciate your kind words, Mike


Hi, I have days when I struggle like you to even do housework without feeling so breathless, walking up a flight of stairs ,I totally stopped exercising as I thought it was best not to I then saw physio and she's said not to worry at all about being breathless just rest a bit then carry on and so I'm back swimming going to the gym if energy levels are ok . I feel so much better for it. Don't give up mike just do what you can manage. marie


Hi Marie, thanks, I know I must keep going but I have little ability to keep going with my spinal cord injury so I can't really exercise, other than light walking I'm not allowed to do much else. I realise the idea is to push through the breathlessness and the more you do the better it is for you, I just don't have that ability.

I went to the RNS lately who told me my breathlessness was just the way it is now, not sure I accept that but not sure what else I can do in my circumstances.

Thanks Marie, best wishes to you


Hi Mmike110 sorry to hear about your breathlessness i have been having the same problem my consultant stopped sprivra and gave me a turbo inhaler symbicort 200, i have chronic Asthma and moderate Emphysema , im still breathless but not as bad and im finding i can exercise longer , maybe you could ask your nurse about this inhaler .

xx Gill


Thanks Gill, I'll certainly give it a go.

Thanks, Mike xx


Hi Mmike. I am in the same position as you ,problems with my lower lumber region 21 yrs COPD 16yrs.I am afraid I have just had to learn to live with it and adjust my lyfestyle to suit.

I have found great solace in Breathe Easy were I have met a lot of friends with COPD.It gives me chance to keep up to date with developing issues and to have some form of social life.Try joining your local Breathe Easy group and you will find you are not alone out there.


Thanks kingofthecocktails, I'm calling the south east group organiser tomorrow funnily enough! There are 2 BEG's local to me who meet in the daytime, getting there could be a problem as I can't drive anymore on my medication, but I'm sure I'll get there!

Never been one for groups but unless you try you'll never know!

Thanks alot, take care



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