A.T.O.S exemption ?

Hi there

Here we go, I have just received ATOS letter for assessment. I am on home oxygen, severe COPD

The good news, apparently is, that a letter from my doctor and getting her to fill the form in for me, will save me having to be assessed by ATOS.

I thought it was a compulsory requirement but thankfully I have read here somewhere that the doctor will be able to exclude me from having to undergo the ATOS examination


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  • That's great news ! Could you reference that for us please? thanks, P.

  • Wow, thank you for sharing that valuable nugget of information x

  • Great news Val x

  • Have ATOS accepted that?! I'm a bit miffed to say the least - why haven't they made that clear before? My Consultant, GP, Specialist Respiratory nurse, all gave written references stating that I was very severe copd, severe oedema, needing oxygen, alpha1 etc. but I still had to go through it all. I did get the full rate of ESA, but thats not the point is it. There are dying cancer patients being dragged through this too, and other such horrors. I'm not miffed at you by the way Jelly - just annoyed that it doesn't seem to be applied fairly across the board. I will have a word with my GP about this and ask if he is aware of it - we have a patient participation meeting coming up with our practice manager soon come to think of it so I will raise it thee too and get back to everyone on it. Do keep us informed. P.

  • That is good news, and will save a lot of stress.

  • they said on tv it was costing £50 million also stress to people that died because of keep going to medicals then appeal before medical again. good news that they are changing how evidence can be given for the dwp paying the money to people that are entitled after paying for taxes.

  • I have just spoken to my GP ( who filled out the ATOS questionnaire they sent to her for me ) and she stated that only if ATOS have all the information they need from your claim form and any further information they will collect from 1 or 2 of your medical professionals you've listed on the form, then no, you shouldn't need to go for the assesment. However if there is any conflicting evidence on the forms against what your GP and specialist write, then yes you will need to attend an assesment.

    It's all so confusing isn't it! I filled my questionnaire out in may, my GP filled in her part that ATOS then sent her in June ( I was there with her when she did this ) and I'm still waiting to hear as to what they are doing with me! It's not just COPD I have but also a spinal cord injury and problems with my stomach which means I can't swallow properly. It's so very stressful waiting and it's making my breathing worse. I've not worked for many years due to my conditions so I'd like to see how they think I could now!

    Good luck to everyone going through this.


  • When you receive ESA50 questionnaire from DWP they allow 28 days to provide evidence that you do not need a medical assessment by ATOS. When ATOS are paid to carry out medical assessment no suprise that DWP decision maker asks for evidence from ATOS which is believed above other medical evidence because they are independent.

  • hi everybody, I had the phone call from the DWP dept checking my details. I was informed in this call that I would have 30 days to fill in their form. I have received my ESA50 qustionaire, by the time it arrived in the post there was only 21 days left to the deadline. 2 weeks later i have just had a reminder saying it must reach them by the deadline, so in reality I have had just 17 days to complete their form.

  • Makes you wonder why they didn't mention this on the TV programmes. Once I had done the ATOS thing for ESA , my DLA was straight forward and they said they had based their decision on the fact that I had 'passed' the ATOS test and was on oxygen.

  • When I receive the ATOS questionnaire, I had a Doctors letter at home. I did not fill the thing in, I put the Doctors letter in sign and dated it added the following note.What part of chronic do you not understand I will gladly come over and explain it to your medical staff.

    Had a letter back saying they will see me in two years.

  • HA HA !!! that is brilliant , you have made my day xx

    xxxx Dinny xxxx

  • 'scuse my ignorance but I am fairly new to this. I have COPD and I enjoy reading everyone's blog but I don't understand ATOS and ESA and other such terms.

    Can someone please help?

  • Hi Rocky

    You are not ignorant at all. On most of these sites we all tend to shorten stuff, so please excuse us.

    ESA - Employment and Support Allowance which replace Incapacity Benefit.

    ATOS - The company employed by the Department of Work and Pensions to assess whether the sick and disabled applicants are fit for work. The controversy is about the way this company operates a very stringent tick box system and the fact many peeps who have appealed have then found to be unfit for work. The Government and ATOS' take is they are trying to help people into work and deny they have targets. However it appears this is not the case.


  • Thanks cofdrop, I was just going to ask the same question as ROCKY21 as I am also new to this, being well past retirement age I do not want to be helpped back in to work but it is interesting as there may be a time when I will need some more help.


  • You're welcome emmo. If you do ever find you need extra help I think you would come under Attendence Allowance if they don't change the name of that before then, but you would need to check that out. What I would advise if you ever do is that you get a welfare expert to help you to fill in the forms, such as Welfare Rights, DIAL or Citizens Advice Bureau. Hope you don't need to though sweet.


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