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Hi All, Still on the UP

Hi everyone,

Not been on for a while, been so busy. Its so good to be able to do something and not feel exhausted or depressed.

Still have this problem in my throat and finally doc has referred me to ENT specialist (only taken 9 months - still this is the Isle of Wight lol).

Had family over for their hols. This time I was able to play with the grandchildren on the beach and go for walks, push the pushchair which was brilliant.

Still petrified I might catch an infection and be back to square one. So if I hear or see anyone with a cold or cough, I run a mile. So desperate to keep my life.

Im off to a slimming group this week, put on a stone with all the steroids over these months with no exercise. Dont want to be lugging round extra weight with all the problems.

Best wishes to all, hope you are all on the UP x

PS. For those who are new to this blog. It certainly saved me - you are not alone.

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Glad things are improving and better for you now, long may it last Val


thank you


Hi Stitch,

Will probably become a hermit for the winter months lol x


So glad you are feeling so much better. Hope you can get your throat thing sorted and you continue to feel on the Up.

Wishing you and all an infection free summer, autumn and with extra care infection free winter too.

Sending more good wishes your way.


Nice to hear you are on the up.Dont forget to try your local Breathe Easy group for more friendship,its free!



Thank you for that, I am going to the Breath Easy Group on the 10th. Its important to know that you are not alone. I realise how lucky I am compared to some.

best wishes


Glad to hear you are doing so well, hope you get your throat sorted & stay infection free.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


Hi Cant, how long were you on steriods for? ive just been put on them for 6wks hoping i will feel as grt as you after lol xx glad u feel better long may it continue!


2 week stint every month for 9 months. However, if they had given be the correct anitbiotics in the first place, I would not have needed them. Now I suppose I have to look forward to brittle bones !!


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