hi there!

hi there!

Hi, not blogged for a few days, been busy (and then tired!)

Today I've been to see my boss with a view to going back to work next term...its all looking good, in theory I'm ok to start teaching one class and even have a brand new studio/classroom to play in.....all I need now is a good turn out on enrolment evening! My classroom is on the ground floor and I can park right by the door...nice boss!!

My boys have gone over to Granny's for a sleepover today so hubby and I are going to go out for a meal later. Havent been out much in the evenings since becomng ill so really looking forward to it.

No:1 son is in Switzerland now, having a fab time, last night he sent a photo from the top of the glacier...stunning!

Hubby and the two younger boys took me to the seaside last friday...we had a fab time but it was chilly!!!! we had a good walk (well, I was pushed ;-)) and got lots of fresh air....fun!!

think I'm off for a brew and a feet up now, save some energy for later...hope everyone is having a good day and feeling optomistic :-)

Mrs S xx

p.s. Re: pic.....hubby getting tired of pushing, thinks I could do with a swim lol!!

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  • Lovely pic Mrs Shimmy :) You really look as though you're enjoying yourself !

    Which part of Switzerland is your son visiting ? My daughter, her partner, and my 2 yr old grand-daughter live in Zurich, but they are over here right now for a couple of weeks holiday :)

    Enjoy your night out :)

  • he's in a place called Kandersteg at the Internation Scout Camp x

  • I'll ask my daughter, when I see her tomorrow, if Kandersteg is close to where they live :)

  • Sounds promising :) Val

  • Yeah the downside to my job is not knowing if your class will run right 'til the week before but I usually get good numbers so fingers crossed!!

  • Everything crossed for you :) x

  • Great to have some quality time Mrs S and good you have ground floor access to classroom with car parking close by. Hope you get good enrollment numbers.

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