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02 community nurse

Just had a visit from the above in she comes and says oh your sats are low at 85? Said they were ok a while ago 90+ told her I had a call from BOC to say I had to use the concentrator at 4 now not 3 - 5? And Ambulatory on 6L the new hoof the nurse did last week had that on it? Really don't know if I am coming or going! One good thing is they delivered the conserver this morning so can now arrange for the test to be done, onwards and upwards might get it sorted sometime this year! Val ha ha :)

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hi you guys have a great system my pulmonoligist would not change my flow rate without more ABG's guess it is more bucks for the tests that does this to us. Can I ask what hoof is for ?


Home oxygen order form, had ABG's done not so long ago was ok resting on 3L around the house was 3 - 5L. Val


Hi Val, so sorry your blood oxygen was so low when tested today. So glad the conserver arrived this morning. All I can say about the coming or going remark is keh and pfffffffft :D

moovin re Hoof

Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF) completed by a Healthcare Professional (HCP). Then passed on to the oxygen supplier for patients needing the service.


Don't worry Zoe will get on and sort this test may be I just talked to much today? ha ha x


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