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First visit to PR today very small group of about 5, managed a few minutes each of sit to stand, arm weights, stepper, pulley, short walk, wall presses, and 5 mins on a bike. (using 6L of oxygen)

Had a chat about referral to a gym at the end if that's what you want, they check your sats all the time monitoring all the time think this is what is needed initially to give you a guide on far you should be pushing yourself.

My aim half way or the end is to get back to work, look forward to some improvement.

At the minute walking approx 100m stopping several times, when I can and to me that is a major achievement try to do a little bit more each time Val

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DLA enabled me to get a car Gordon keep trying for it, PR hopefully will help you also. They turned me down for middle rate of care though you just don't know how they are thinking eh? Val

Sounds like a better one there Val. Even your brief description already points to differences - we never had a stepper, a pulley, or did a walk, and as previously mentioned, not a pulse ox in the place. We did have an exercise bike - we went from 1 minute the first session to 3 1/2 minutes the final session. Good luck with it Val, P. (BTW what is the 'pulley' exactly?)

Arm exercises you sit or stand pulling one then the other it's attached to the wall Val

Something like this

Well done Val, if you keep doing the routine exercise during PR class and outside you will be surprised how much you will improve. Its being regular with it that builds endurance and stamina, don't push too hard though just maybe one or two more repetitions each time or more if you feel comfortable. Its early days so just be guided what the respiratory team are advising. Enjoy and no worries if you need a kip afterwards :) its still doing a good job. On a better air quality day you can always do more than on a poor air quality breathing day, swings and roundabouts but anything is something good :) Keep up the good work.


Thanks Auntymary x

Glad your PR went well today Val, i was at PR too today in a small group also, i didnt want the large group at the moment until i am more confident, it went ok today, took my daughters along for support, i am now going to be in and out the house,. Keep on with it and good luck. San

Good luck to you San keeps us posted how your doing Val

Hope so stitch you won't believe it I am shattered could go to bed now ha ha Val x

I will do Val, didnt do too well today as i have something wrong with my leg and arm, told the phsyio, she said to keep her updated with how the exercises effect it. been busy exercising at home by cleaning the house and garden, been in and out today too, off out again to see whether it will be a granddaughter i have in jan or another grandson. Keep me posted how well you do too Val. San x

You take care don't over do it, will keep you posted Val x

I haven't been offered PR. Maybe it's because I haven't got COPD or maybe I'm not quite bad enough. I have seen a physio but that was about changing my breathing.

My GP is happy for me to exercise in moderation as is my consultant but nothing's ever been said about PR.

I'm so glad it's working for you.

Marie x

The thing with PR is you do it in groups be it small groups as ours was today then there is always a talk by various people the other group joins in for that before they exercise and we leave Val

Glad your PR went well Val. I'm sure you will soon feel the benifits of it :-)


Thank you x

You dont overdo it either too Val. Marie, you are lucky to have a consultant, my doctor wont even refer me to one. Ask the doctor or consultant to be referred to PR, they should do it, tell them that you would like to do the PR for your exercise and learn all the different techniques that are offered there.

San x

:) x

I'm going to my 1st PR Assessment on Thursday. With all the positve comments on here I'm really hoping it will help me. Will keep you all posted. Keep well everyone. Mary x

Thats good Val x

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