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Useless Doctors!!

Just having a rant about my doctor who is just bloody useless!!!

After getting in touch with occupational therapy for a bit of help after being admitted into hospital monthly with my asthma she wrote and asked for some more info from my GP.

I have been told at the hospital I am a brittle asthmatic and the letter she got back from my GP stated I have acute asthma which has only landed me in hospital 2x in 2011 and 1x more in march this year?! I last got out of hospital about 2 weeks ago.

No wonder my DLA claim got denied with information like that, I dont know what the common practice is but personally i see an asthma nurse, a specialist in thoracic meds, a resp physio and am currently in the process of being reffered up to the Royal Brompton now that all to me seems a little drastic for someone with acute asthma!

I never seem to see the same GP twice at my surgery and none of them actually have any knowledge of my personal condition due to this, do I make a fuss or just change to a different surgery or what?

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Thankyou for taking the time to write this, The actual staff their like the receptionist and pharmacist are great they know when I get bad I can get through an inhaler in 2 days so they do them up for me straight away instead of making me wait 48hrs.

It Is just the doctors I may just change surgery myself an like you said go out of my way to see just the one doctor.

I already had an appt made for thurs so going to be having a few words then!


hi poorlykat, is there anyone at your surgery who likes to specialise in either asthma or respiritory diseases, at my last surgery , the docs were useless but the resp nurse was really good and knew her stuff i saw her most of the time she could also write prescriptions. At my new surgery (i moved house) i see a different doctor each time but they have been really good and look up my notes on the computer, the resp nurse here is also very good if there isnt any you could make an appointment with the practise manager stating your concerns if you dont get anywhere with them get in touch with your pct and change doctors good luck sandra

They have an asthma nurse their who is Ok I have an appt with her on Thurs so will have a bit of a chat then!

I may start looking into changing surgery the only trouble is we live quite far out in the sticks and theirs not too many round here!

Thanks for taking the time to write x

Hi poorlyKat,

If you have been referred to the Royal Brompton you are going to get a more accurate description of the problems you have been experiencing with your respiratory health I think.

Since your doctor/s don't seem to be communicating with you well, I would ask for copies of every test result and reports from your specialists, nurses, doctors etc, these will also help back up your DLA claim. Hope you have appealed on the DLA claim. Make sure every medical person you speak to is fully aware of how difficult things are for you in your normal day to day life. ie how long it takes you to dress, difficulties resulting from your breathlessness, how breathless you become when walking out etc.

You could of course consider changing doctors if you current GP surgery doctors are not taking the time to check your records about your condition before you go in to see them. Although I am guessing its one of your current docs who has referred you to Bromptom, if you know who that doctor is, try and keep getting to see that same doctor.

Wishing you good luck with every.

Auntymary xx

Thanks zoe, It was in fact my resp physio that is setting up the refferal and she is also the one that has wrote to the docs about the blood tests and CAT scans etc It wouldnt bother me so much but ive seen her once and she has put so many wheels in motion and Ive been with my docs for years!!

I think asking for copies is a very good idea at least that way I will get an insight into how much they think I struggle and could possibly put them right.

Thankyou x

poorlykat the next time you put in for DLA refer them to your specialist nurse she/he will give them more detailed information than your GP and hopefully you will have more success, i gave up on my GPs and practice nurse a couple of years ago. my GP told me to lose weight i was 9 stone and the practice nurse said i wasn't severe enough for PR , my husband got me a self referral to the COPD specialist nurse and her fantastic team which i have to say did not please my GP but hey ho, i soon learned that PR is available to all copd sufferers and the idea is to keep you mild or moderate for as long as possible not wait until you are severe, so that's why i only pick up my prescription at the Doctors now .

xx Gill

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