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hi,i was diagnosed with copd january 2011 afterabout 8 years of problems with chest infections and coughing fits also choking on my food, i gave up smoking 14 weeks ago, i used to smoke 50 a day.

i have been taking tiotropium for 4 months also seretide 500 for 2 months,i have also suffered from depression and anxiety for about 20 yrs also R-A for last 2 yrs,i gotta have another blood test this week to see if i have diabetes cos my test last week was raised.

last few months my feet and legs have become swollen with fluid also my feet have yellow bruises on them, over the years both my shins gets bruises for reasons i do not know.

for about the last 6 weeks i have been having severe cramps in my leg muscles mainly when lying down in bed at night, spoke to my doctor about it and she did not answer me and changed subject about having diabetes blood test,

i asked my doctor last week wot stage my copd was and she said hmmmm moderate, u dont require home oxygen yet, i told her i was anxious about my mum dying from copd and heart faliure in 2009 and she said that i need to lose weight, excercise also try and relax more, she said if you do all that and you still get heart faliure at least you did everything possible, didnt make me feel better.

also went out for a meal with friends last nite, first time in 16 months and i started coughing and choking on my food,ending up bringing my mixed grill home for my dogs, anybody else have this problem?, somebody ringing me 2morrow about a breathe easy group thats starting in my area, thanks, sean.

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Hi Sean, welcome.

Sounds like your doc is more concerned with the diabetes at the moment, she obviously wants to get things checked out with that as a priority. Certainly some of your bruising could be related to that, if you do have diabetes any knocks and wounds take a lot longer to clear.

Muscle cramps could be the lung medication or the result of something else. When your were diagnosed with COPD was it a pulmonologist that confirmed this and are you still under them? If so I would phone that office and ask for a telephone appointment to discuss your concerns etc.

If however you have not seen a pulmonologist for ongoing care I would ask for a referral to a specialising respiratory consultant / pulmonologist concerning your COPD assessment and care.

I hope you get things sorted concerning your lung health and the possible diabetes care.

Good luck with it all.

Take care of yourself


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