Helpful booklet on reducing panic and anxiety and an exercise DVD from a COPDer

Hi all, thought you may like to see these .... ( a long read this morning and lots of great info and tips and relaxation exercises.

I also bought Dr Sharma's great DVD - go to

He has COPD himself and it's a great DVD that I can follow through an exercise routine.

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  • Hi Julie - very helpful.

    You are finding lots of the information I have posted in years past, its helpful information for people I think. How are you finding Dr Sharma's DVD? Are you enjoying it? Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on with it.

  • His video is perfectly paced, gentle and encouraging - and I don't have to remember it, can just watch and copy him . And so calming is his manner and voice and when you realise he also has COPD too, makes it all the more encouraging. There is so much great info out there - be good to collate it as lots of us will miss lots even though some is posted here.

  • Thank you for the panic attack booklet Julie. Looks really helpful.

  • An interesting read..thanks..Juliekay

  • Thank you Julie most helpful, briefly skimmed through it but will read fully later

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