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speakers for breathe easy group (east midlands)

hi does anyone have any information for ideas on speakers for our breathe easy group in east midlands (ilkeston) need some new ideas.

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Hi, you could get someone from the chest clinic, physiotherapy, or the PCT (to explain the plans they have for respiratory disease management). Take care, Richard.


Age UK speaker, Someone from the Fire Brigade being safe at home. Oxygen supplier rep, showing what o2 equipment is available in your area. Someone from mobility shop. Community Matron. Maybe someone from Boots or Medic Alert about same.

Krazylady mentioned Lions message in a bottle on another thread. Your local BLF regional representative.

Auntymary xx



At my PR course I most enjoyed/found useful the visit by the dietician and someone who gave benefits advice. I would have welcomed information about the BLF site, which took me 5 years to stumble upon!


Second thought - it has nothing to do with COPD directly - but what about things like relaxation techniques, massage, aromatherapy, etc? All can be very useful for holistic health.


As your local EXPERT PATIENT PROGRAMME manager to come along to talk to you all, I tutor for them in Devon I do lots of talks to the COPD rehab groups, then hopefully they attend our course. The course covers everything from how to understand your condition( this is a mixed group of all long term illness ) to diet, exercise, and we do have a good laugh as well, it would certainly be worth looking at.


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