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Hi I have just been diagnosed with copd

i came home from hospital today having been admitted with flair up of copd, a chest x-ray has shown I have hyperexpanded lung fields with small nodule in upper right lobe can anybody tell me is a nodule a cancer please.

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Hi maggiemay42

I think this is something you need to talk with your doctor about or the consultant.

I am not a medical professional but I believe nodules are not necessarily an indication of cancer.

You might want to contact the BLF helpline tomorrow for further advice on this, its a freephone number UK 03000 030 555 open 10am to 6pm normal working week days.

Good wishes and do keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Auntymary xx

I always find it a good idea to Google the word and you normally get an answer such as lungcancer.about.com/od/sym... Good luck..

Hi Maggiemay42

Coincidentally I too had an X-ray/ct scan showing a nodule recently. Not all nodules are tumours, but can indicate inflammation. Some web sites will give you statistics, and tumour is less likely if you are under 50.

In my case, and because my lungs are very bad and not all tests are available to me, there will be a review in September when a new X-ray will be compared.

In other cases a bronchoscopy might be done. On a previous occasion for a shadow in a different area I had a bronchoscopy with lavage that showed no abnormal cells and no infection and then had a PET/CT scan which shows areas of great activity (which indicates tumour). This showed nothing abnormal. I was nervous going in to the tests, but the doctors and technicians know what they are doing, and apart from a little discomfort there was really nothing to worry about.

These times are when I began to understand the meaning of being a patient. The tests have to be done, the results discussed, and then the doctors communicate. They have to be as sure as they can be and I am beginning to realise that medicine is an inexact science. In fact one doctor recently told me it is an art form!

I suppose in a nutshell "keep calm and carry on". I find sewing helps. This site is very good and you will read all about pulmonary rehabilitation, diet, breathing, etc. there was a good forum last Wednesday which becomes available at some point and should be of good use to you.

Good luck, and best wishes.


thank you for reply it is comforting to know that somebody cares to take the time to reply I was feeling quite low yesturday when I came home from stay in hospital I live alone so had nobody I could talk to.have been reading q&as on this site finding it helpful .Have a clearer head on this morning and have decided to go and talk with my GP so will keep my chin up and try not to worry.thank you to everybody who has replied I wish you all well Kind regards

Hi, i recently did what your doing, trying to diagnose my self. It doesn,t work, your best way forward is to go to your gp and ask him any questions you may have. I have copd and the doc says i have lost 40% of my lung capacity, but that is only part of my probs.

Good luck, but go see him and hopefully he,ll answer your questions

Hi Maggie,

I'm sorry to hear you had to come home in that way, and have nobody to talk to, I understand that, as I am often in that kind of situation.

The best thing the assistant to my doctor said, was that people can live to be 90 with COPD.

I mean that gives one a feeling of optimism, and not doom.

I will look up nodules for you or matybe meantime someone else will be more knowledgable on it.

Take care

thank you all for your kind wishes and thoughts, as the hours pass since diagnosis I am finding it easier to accept,all your replys have been a great help as Stitch said no need to worry family until I know more.One good thing has come out of it I havent had a ciggie since Thursday and dont intend to have anymore have smoked for more years than I care to admit to.So glad I stumbled across BLF will keep in touch.My best wishes and thoughts to you all

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