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o2 suppliers.....its laughable!

I received a redirected letter this morning from a Premier Inn in Kent, it was a letter from Dolby Vivisol and it was a form for me to complete for an electricity rebate! Do they send letters to all patients staying in hotels in their area? What a waste of time and money. Someone must be responsible for mailing lists and they surely can see from the address it is a hotel.

They couldn't get my o2 requirements right when I was last there so I cant expect them to get anything else right. When I was last there they didn't leave me any o2 to take out and about although I had been told the day before I left home my hoof was being filled and not to worry about anything. When we arrived i had no LOX and no portable cylinders. Their excuse ......the van driver/technician didnt have a van capable of unloading the LOX so he didnt bother and didnt think to mention to anyone in the office that he had left NOTHING.

We're doing a rerun in August so hopefully they might get it right :-).


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I hope they get it right for you this time Val

Not liking the sound of that much Maureen, I hope this situation improves for you. As Stitch says some compensation toward your holiday would be helpful but think they need to send that certain delivery boy on a customer care course. Auntymary xx

Oh Maureen that is bad isn't it? Fingers crossed for next time. We just got back from a Parkdean Holiday Camp and I have to say they were amazing with dads oxygen supply along with dads supplier air products. Superb all round. They even supplied a conserver instead of dad having to rely on the cannisters.

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