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On a mission of discovery!

Feeling great, don't happen often enough so thought it was time to go on another mission of discovery. Have I booked a holiday in some exotic location? Nope! Have I admitted myself into some religious order to find one's inner spirit? Nope! No I thought it was time to pull the bed out and discover what was hidden under there. Hubbies Archery kit, 4 empty tissue boxes, 2 plastic bottles, loads of empty nebules (wondered why there were always so few in the bin when I emptied it), enough books to open my own branch Waterstones (I buy books like some women buy shoes), 1 hot water bottle, 1 leather boot belonging to Mother In law that hubby was supposed to mend yonks ago, doggie and house magazines and finally that thing called dust! All clean and tidy in the bedroom for about 5 minutes, husband dared to say that my side of the bed looked like a teenagers the other day. Then he dared to say much later on that he thought I always wanted to be a mad old bag (I am only 41) with a Daxie and our home reflects it. Sorry love but I love my bits and bobs. Having a rest now before I tackle the dining room table and do all that filing, for someone who was once a secretary my home filing system is appalling. Might as well do something constructive with my enforced housebound existence today, having some flat pack furniture delivered, and only schedule of delivery time they (being Tesco) was between 7am and 7pm.

That old adage of Tidy House is a Tidy Mind may well be true, I can't stand grubbyness but there are better things to busy yourself that making sure your home is constantly spink and span. Having lived with a extremely house proud mum for 18 years, dusting the house once a week is more than enough. Besides if I did more than that husband would have me sectioned lol.

Which finally reminds me interesting programme on Channel 4 tonight, about a hoarder, a follow up to a documentary channel 4 did last year on the same gentleman. Kind of a sad story but an interesting one.

Sorry for the long blog, but it is so lovely to write about something that is not health related and shows that despite all my health difficulties I do experience the everyday hum drum of life.

That's all folks xxxxx Daxiemad

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LOL xx i find my empty nebules all over the place - ruddy cats take them out of the bin and chase them around the house!!!

I like those hoarding shows too! amazes me that some of these people have bags n bags of new, still in the box stuff they have forgotten about but sadly cant use now because of the vermin droppings and urine all over them.

I agree, a once a week dust is enough - but good on you for finding the strength to drag the bed out.

Hi Daxie, my next mission is to tidy mums room ( spare room really as she only stay a few times a year!!) I'm already excited as I may find a missing shoe and a skirt I havent seen for a while lol!! I think she'll stay over the night before we go away on hols so I'll need to excavate the bed at least!

Really enjoyed reading this made me laugh and no I'm not pulling out my bed haha

Really enjoyed your blog, it really made me smile and glad you felt well enough to do it all.Sadly I'm one of those awful houseproud people that have to do the housework daily, ie dusting, polishing, and general tidying, cleaning etc. I drive myself nuts with it! My husband thankfully is just like me, so if I'm not well enough to do it, he's happy to do it all. Keep up the good work, you'll never know what else you will find! xx

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