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Infections with emphysema?

Am I right to assume it is just lung infections that one gets with emphysema? I have had two bouts of bowel infection in about a month of each other, I know this because I had to go to A&E because of blood being passed when I went to the toilet (not urinating).

I already assumed it was infection and postponed going to the doctors today which I now regret but after being seen it was assumed that I have bowel infection but can't take anti biotics for it and have to sit it through >.<

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Would say they are not connected, why can't you take antibiotics for it? Val

i agree with Val - if you are finding blood in your poo you really do need to see a doctor.

Are you taking antibiotics ? unfortunately one of the side effects of taking antibiotics can be diarrhea and because of this my doctor gives me painkillers (i also get severe hip pain - the worse the infection ,the worse the pain!) which helps to harden the poo.

hope this eases your mind.

I think it's because it is so far in that ant biotics would make it worse, I can't really remember much of what the doctor said just that it was bowel infection and to go to the toilet as normal but if the runs persisted for more than three days to see my GP.

Yes I was wondering if there was a way to harden it back up as it worried me.


No direct connection with bowel problems or lung conditions - only issue would be come medications which can cause gastric problems for some people.


Thank you Mark, I'm not on medication so I think that is ruled out :) I'm still not diagnosed with anything as of yet and emphysema was thrown at me as an assumption.

Antibiotics used in the treatment of lung infections can upset the bowel.

I think a good idea would be to speak with your doc who can prescribe a medication to help settle the bowel. You are going to need something if it is the antibiotics causing this problem.

An alternative would be probiotics these can be purchased through a health food store, or Boots the chemist who now stock these also. Once the bowel is upset eating live yoghurt or culture drinks such as yakult wont be enough to settle it, they are more of a maintenance food medicine.

Zoee I'm not on any medication for anything. Not even anti biotics for lung infections as I don't have lung infections. I have been told by the hospital to "ride it out".

So sorry I misunderstood. Hope you are feeling better soon.

No need to apologise :) And thank you.

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