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Does this weather effect you ?

Very hot here in Nottingham yesterday but somewhat cooler today,I have been quite stable for a few weeks now ,but had to use nebulisers last night,still much more breathless today than I normally am .

I am aware that the pollen count is very high ,but that does not normally bother me .

Not coughing anything up,so I do not think there is any sign of a chest infection,maybe it's just one of those things.

I have emphysema ,any thoughts please.

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Hi timber, not far away from you up here in sheffield, last two days weather the same, have felt really good apart from some flem on waking up yesterday morning.

Overnight though my problem lung started aching unable to get back to sleep and got up at 4am, temp drop the reason I think.


It has been a little cooler here in the West Midlands today much more cloud than yesterday. I could stand this weather every day, just tidy up in the morning and perhaps do a bit of washing then thats me for the day, (in the garden reading) until evening meal, and then my husband does that more than often. I would like the night times a little cooler though. I have emphysema but the heat doesn't seem to have affected me at all.


hi timber, yes this weather affects me - i also have emphysema - it can be as bad as the freezing cold! In wolverhampton it was really hot yesterday and not much cooler today i couldnt sleep last night kept waking up i got about 3 hours in the end. Ive been using my ventolin inhaler more and i keep the windows and blinds shut until about 5 in the afternoon and i try not to go out, i`m thinking about buying a fan- not sure whether it would help or not. sandra

Hi timber lots of different weather conditions and pollutions affect me. Check out BLF's Jo Newton's blog here:

couldn't get this link to work ?

It works fine for me Julie here try again:

or you could try the search:

coping in the hot weather

Hot Humid days affect me more...I long for those colder days as i can breathe far better,not to mention sleep as well....

Hi, we had another scorcher today and I find this does have an effect (emphysema). It is just too humid. However, as TJohn pointed out on another thread, European sun is different, drier and much less tiring.

I agree Stitch, I'm much better when we have high pressure, It has not been too humid here in the south during the day although it is a bit more humid at night. I keep fan on all night. & have one in the lounge & the kitchen to use as & when needed .

I find low pressure affect me more as there is much more moisture in the air even if it's not actually raining!

I don't feel as bad as like when the air is freezing cold how the chest then in reaction seems to clamp but as Stitch said, keeping the air moving is a good idea, maybe not perhaps directly on you, though I do like that.

As I'm so slow I just only remebered I have a fan upstairs, now that Stitch spoke of hers, think I'm going to get it, as the air is staler and deader than a fish out of water here. Upstairs it's like the Hovis factory.

Hi Timber,

Yes, i was up at 3.30 and like you, had to use my nebuliser which i nave not used for a few weeks.

I have got a chest infection so that doesn't help, but i seem to feel worse in the heat ( last time i was on holiday and i was very ill).

that then makes me more tired than usual - we just cant win!!!

Hi it's been very hot in the south the last couple of days and makes me feel exhausted. I am trying not to moan about the weather as when we had the continuous rain that also made my breathing worse. Definitely our climate of either damp or humid air does not help matters. Maybe the dry heat of the sahara would help!

this heat has effected me worse than ever this year. High heat with humidity. I have had a chest infection and am now using the nebuliser four times a day along with ventolin and all the other pumps. My lungs hurt and I have to have a fan blowing hard at night in order to sleep. I am finding dealing with this heat as bad as the cold that effects me. I think it is the humidity more than the heat though as out in the car yesterday we drove for an hour with the AC full on and that really was helping me to improve. When we pulled up at home and i opened the door it was like being wacked in the face as the high humidity and heat hit me. Good news is the weather is going to cool down.

That's horrid Del.

You need an air-co system then, or is that no good for you?

Many thanks to you all for the advice,I am certainly feeling a little better now,managed to walk round to the pub last night,it almost flat and about 250 meres away ,I took it slowly and rested a few times ,the walk back was harder.

I love warm sunshine (11 days of New York sunshine made a world of difference). It makes me feel like I can walk twice as far and the sunshine really picks up my mood although I have a feeling that those of us with sarcoidosis are supposed to stay out of the sun - not sure why something to do with creation of calcium. Cold dry sunny days are nice too. Cold damp days are the worst for me - really can't get going on days like that.

I live near Wakefield and I may be in a minority by actually liking muggy weather conditions however the last couple of days have been cool and cloudy in the mornings and my lungs have started acting up, I do have what seems to be a chronic cough but it has got worse over the last few days with more phlegm production but it's white/clear. I seem to get better in the afternoons when the sun has been making an appearence. Cool weather affects me most and really cold weather, I'm dreading it! As a rule I find 68 - 72F an ideal temperature but it only has to dip a few degrees and I start to feel it.

It is not really practical to have AC in the house TJohn. The expense as well I could not afford. At one time the heat did not effect me, it seems to have got that heat effects me as my lungs have worsened. Suffered again today with the humidity high and temperature in the 80;s around here. But see it will be down to 23C tomorrow, and 18C over the weekend. A big sigh of relief from me as I hate getting so breathless doing just about nothing at all. We are all effected differently. I did take a sample of mucus around to the doctor today for testing and should have them results back tomorrow. So a visit to see what he can give me to help my recovery. The madness with copd is that one week we can be flying high, and feeling fit. The next like I am now, so breathless it is worrying as movements have to be so slow, and it takes time to recover..I do several sat checks when I am like this on pulSE AND o2. Got a 92/106 at the moment. Once my pulse hits 120+ resting I am off to the hospital.

That's true Derek, the expense is something I wondered about., basically Del, what you need is a well-insulated basement, so you can escape the heat, but, that's not an easy thing to get, without moving, into a house that already has a cellar. I have been staying downstairs, upstairs feels unbearable.

I reckon the Azores would be the best place for you,

it apparently has a steady all--year-round temperature of 21 centigrade.

The steady bit is what's so good.

God knows what it's like there though.

Going somewhere and having to adapt and learn a new language isn't too easy either.

I guess you keep curtains closed when it's so hot to keep the sun out, or not?

I do that here, even downstairs.

The latest period was not good, too many extremes, extremely wet weather, then blimming baking in no time at all, there's no gradual build-up, that part of current weather conditions this summer is what is bad, basically it's like being blanched like a tomato.

By the way I hope you are feeling a bit better.

Hi timber

Yes this weather does affect me, am feeling off at the moment, chest hurting and breathless. Possibly the extreme heat is worse than cold as it is difficult to avoid the heat.

The ideal is to do nothing when it is hot but it is not easy to get out of commitments and not a good thing as we need to get out and about as much as possible while we can.Prolonged inactivity only makes things worse for me.


Having copd, I can say, with all honesty, that the heat in the middle east is the best for all sufferers. Dry heat. If you can afford it, winter in Cyprus. I don't, because I would rather be in the UK with my family and friends. I have been there many/many times since the 1950's when in the army. It is really excellent for the lungs. You can get all your pensions there with no problems.

Go for it!!


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