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The answer to the leg pain question - at last

been like this for so long now i feel like i'm on a roundabout that doesn't stop - but i got a bit of good news too!!

Dr has given me stronger antibiotics - so hopefully they will work.

Could never work out why i always get hip pain and muscle ache when i have an infection on its way - and the worse the pain the worse the infection - i mean its sounds so strange - the lungs and hip are not connected are they!!

The Doctor was really good and took her time to explain to me that because of my age i may well have the onset of osteoarthritis, when you get a chest infection your body's immune system doesn't like to co-operate so it will emphasize the other aches and pains you may have but not usually feel because you are well. A bit like your glands swelling when you get infections.

so i am no longer feeling like a hypochondriac - and the men in the white coats are not coming for me :)

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Ha ha it's good she explained that to you, hope you feel better soon Val

Hi Krazylady glad you got some strong meds hope they work quickly for you. Before I got to your final paragraph I am thinking have you been checked for vitamin D deficiency? Or are you taking vitamin D3 supplementation already?

I'm mentioning this only because lung health and bone health can benefit from vitamin D, if the patient is deficient in vitamin D its important to supplement to try and bring those levels back up so that the immune system can work better to help ward off infections.

Over the years I don't think I have had excessive amounts of prednisolone but when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years after being diagnosed with copd, I requested a vitamin D deficiency test, it showed I was vitamin D deficient. The good news is if you are deficient you can bring the levels back up by supplementing with vitamin D3 and make the effort through the summer months of safe sun exposure without any creams on the skin to replenish the bodies store.

Good wishes


thanks Zoee - will get some and try it.

Truth is its down to "womens problems" wink wink - i'm at THAT age so its one of the aches and pains i was just accepting - but i will certainly try Vit D - i'm afraid i hate the sun ( misery guts aint i !! ) but will try to sit outside for short periods whilst we have that big ball of orange in the sky

The good news is when the infection goes, so does the pain but i can be prepared for the next one!

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