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Outcome of visit from BOC nurse and respiratory nurse

They were here to see how I can return to work since the increase in my 02

Well the BOC nurse brought a portable concentrator with him no way could I lift it in and out of the car by myself just far too heavy! So that's a no go

The liquid oxygen is looking like no as well because I cannot fill the portable units myself so when Graham is at work I am stuck, plus they won't last the time needed.

The only option left for me is to try the conserver on a cylinder at 6L to get to work it will last 3.8 hrs and then get a concentrator for the office. They are ordering a conserver when it arrives the resp nurse will fit me in to do 6 minute walk test with it to see if I can maintain my sats! If not looks like I will not be returning to work. Don't know how I really feel about this knew it was coming, at the back of my mind just hope that I can use the conserver if not at least I know what the outcome will be.

I am remaining positive at least I start my PR next week will keep you all posted Val. x

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Hi Val - I am hoping things work out for the best for you. Its important to maintain sats so whatever it takes to do that in order to help protect your health.

Good luck with your 6 min walk test using the conserver.

Also enjoy your PR starting next week, that will be really good for you and I know you will enjoy.

All good wishes


Thanks Zoe will let you know as soon as I get the conserver and a date for the test keep your fingers crossed Val x

Hello Val, you are very brave even thinking about going back to work, hope you find a solution.


Thanks Libby we will have to see what happens with the test they are making the decision Val x

Hi Val

As Zoe says it is important to maintain your sats so it is a matter of working out what will work for you. I'm sure that you will enjoy the PR & find that it makes you stronger after a few weeks.

Hope the conserver works for you, stay positive.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Thanks Jo yes PR will do me the world of good x

Val, I went back after a prolonged period on sick, and now have a concentrator at work. I use a normal cylinder in the car and one of the very lightweight cylinders between car and desk. I do use a conserver (on 4lpm). However, unless your journey to work is a very, very, very long one you should manage on 6lpm even without one. And you can always have two cylinders in the car (I always do - in case of emegency). Also, whilst we need good sats, remember that slipping below 90 for a short while is okay, as long as we maintain a good above 90% average for over 15 hours a day (though 20 is better).

Last point; you are likely to get a little stronger through your PR sessions.

All the luck you could need, and then some.

Auntiemary xx

Just a thought, there should be no limit to the number of cylinders they supply you. I currently have 3 normal and 3 extra-light weight ones.

Ah thank you for that it's given me a bit more hope :) Val x

They have said stitch the only way I can get back to work is using the conserver so if I can't manage with it that’s it! My mind is in a whirl I will go with what they say so it all hinges on this test. Never mind looking forward to PR next week Val x :)

Just a thought - does it hinge on being able to use a conserver because of the cost of free-flowing oxygen? I can see no other reason, or am I just being skeptical about their focus?

The nurse from BOC said cylinders on 6L wouldn't last long enough! But we will see watch this space Val x

6L would last approx 1hr 11mins just found the info takes me approx 30 mins to get to work? Would it be the cost then? If so they have a fight on their hands Val x won’t take this lying down x

Then I would suggest that you ask about a box (for your car boot) to carry three cylinders, which should mean you are sorted for the week. They can deliver 5 or 6 at a time (to allow form weekend use) and make a delivery weekly. Auntiemary xx

I will don't worry and again many thanks Val x


I believe the cost lies in the number of visits you have to have - so I don't think the number of cylinders is the main issue in comparison to the cost of visits - if they deliver all you need in one go - rather than 2 or 3 visits per week. That's why the asessment teams are encouraged to get it right when choosing equipment - if they don't then the cost comes from unecessary repated visits from the engineers.


Thanks Mark I was so down hearted this morning thought this is my last chance finishing work at 51 isn't good. It's the advice, support from people on here and their experiences that point you in the right direction. I only work 20 hrs a week but it keeps me going keep up the good work and thanks to everyone Val

keep ya pecker up girl - at least they are trying to work somethng out for you xxx

love n hugz

I ve got the bit between my teeth determind as you say ha ha Val x

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