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job change

hello all,has anyone gone to the drastic path of changing career to assist there health or use there critical health insurance.

if anyone has i would like information please,as this would be the next step for me.i work in an office & manufacturing environment which i encounter stairs several times a day, then a 1.5 hr drive home Im cream crackerd by 7pm.

i know its abif decision financially but could be worth it

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i was very lucky - i worked at heathrow airport and when i became ill i was off for 4 months, on my return they knew i could not walk far so put me in an office, close to a lift. My previous job was very physical and now i sit at a computer doing shorter hours.

By law companies must follow the equality act so, if you want to stay at your job, speak to someone in HR.

I hope this helps

good morning

thanks krazylady,appreciated

My job was a Carer co ordinator,community care they changed my job to admin in the office off sick at the moment hope to get back but I have a feeling they may cut my hours again then will have to think if it will be worth it Val

I worked in a Recycling plant yard,where it was hot,and dusty all day,and airborne particles was horrendous.. I am working for same company but on commercial recycling bins,out in fresh air..Very knackering job,but keeps me fit and out the dust...I have just passed my Sia license not long ago,so when i start to suffer i can get more of an indoor job out the elements of heat and cold,not to mention the rain...

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