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COPD Olympics

Well, with only two and a half days to go I've made my decision and dragged the exercise bike from bedroom to lounge where it now sits in pride of place in front of the TV. With the exception of the opening ceremony - which I intend to enjoy fully relaxed on the sofa - any event watched must, in effect, be 'cycle powered' by my good self. As a precaution against severe saddle soreness I am allowing myself the option of hand weights and stretch bands for really heavy viewing days. These are now ready in place on the coffee table.

Hopefully by the end of the Olympics and Paralympics (my favourite), I should have gained some thigh muscle - at the moment my quadriceps feel like four lengths of floppy washing line!

Will set my mileometer and update with totals after each of the closing ceremonies - not that I am deluded enough to think anyone should be that interested you understand, but because it will ensure I stick with my intention. I don't expect any amazing mileage as I like the bike least of all - I am never truly comfy on it - but my desire for 'new thighs' has me rising to the challenge ;)

I would love to hear if anyone else has any kind of 'Olympic plans' (and no... chocolate marathons do not qualify!), Parvati.

PS. should TV signal start failing while watching any of the events, message me and I will cycle faster ;) 'Thunder Thighs' ;)

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haha, parvatti, good for you, unfortunately my olympic plans will be to find a channel showing something else, I am patriotic, but sport, any sport, just makes me go to sleep. I wouldnt mind a walking machine though for the winter when the weather is bad as I love to walk. go girl...


by the way, couldnt you buy a tv that runs on electricity rather than pedal power


'morning ammagran :) have to admit I am not a sports type normally, but I do love the swimming, the running and just for this year, perhaps the cycling too. The Paralympic's though are a different thing all together - they have me shouting encouragement at the scream and crying heaven knows how many times at their determination and courage, especially those times when we are given some of the background stories! best wishes to you and yours amagran, P.


Ha ha good on you :) x


Love it Pavati, your thighs sound the same as mine!, I don't have a cycle but will do my weights, stretches ball work & trampoleen mini jog :-) Enjoy! Jo


Thanks Jo - how do you get on with the trampoline by the way? I have a rebounder that I would love to use more - I currently only use it for a couple of minutes at a time as my sats drop. I can't do it properly with my liquid 02 backpack on - (which could give me 6lpm 02) because it impairs my balance/ centre of gravity etc. so I do it using my concentrator, which leaves me free to jump away but doesn't seem to go higher than 3.5 lpm. Hence my sats drop pretty quickly and I have to stop. I do love it though, even just for that short time.

I did read that the NASA lab deemed it the best exercise for muscle wasting (eg to combat wasting in astronauts after extended periods of weightlessness) and found it better than running. I also came across old posts from the 80's and 90's of people claiming it to be greatly beneficial for emphysema. Although I had taken such claims with a pinch of salt, the article that Zoee posted the other day about alveoli regrowing after the remaining lung being stretched about over yearshas really got me thinking - perhaps the old claims weren't so far fetched after all? Either way, I am planning on extending my daily 'bouncy time' :) P.

PS. The lines from Zoee's blog link that got me wondering re effects of our bouncing:

"The new alveoli were all shaped similarly. "It's striking, the degree of homogeneity of the new alveoli, as if the lung was responding to something," Butler added. The cause of the new growth could be stretching of the tissue, perhaps by exercise, he suggested. "Could other bio-molecular growth be triggered by stretch? It's a wide-open question now."


Hi Pavati, I guess mine is a rebounder rather than a trampoline, its a v-fit Tramp-Jogger. I can only manage about 2 to 3 minutes before my sats drop, I stop 'till they recover then go again I tend to jog rather than jump. I use the concentrator as it is less restrictive than the portables. I'm only able to go upto 2lpm as I'm a retainer.

I try to do 3 or 4 two minute bursts resting in between to recover sats. I definately need to build up my wasting thighs muscles, strange how they seem to vanish in people with lung conditions.

Not sure what to make of the different claims......just try to do as much exercise as I can.

Enjoy your 'bouncy time' :-) Jo


Though I love watching them I am afraid I will not be joining in. Hope you enjoy yourself Parvati. Auntiemary xx


Thanks aunty :)


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