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got my message in a bottle

Some time ago someone told us about the lions "message in a bottle" scheme.

Tonight it was kindly delivered to me and i have to admit i am impressed.

Its just a small screw top plastic tub and inside was 2 green cross stickers and an information sheet - you put one sticker on the door and one on the fridge - when you have filled out all your info you put the plastic tub ( about the size of a salt shaker) into the fridge then when the emergency services come they are aware of where to look for your details.

if anyone else wants one heres the link

by the way they are free.

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Yes have seen those good idea Val x


its a simple but really effective idea - cant believe never got one before


Well, who said there was no such thing as coincidence? They were wrong! I also took delivery of my message in a bottle today, after waiting weeks for them to obtain new supplies. Don't forget the door one goes on the inside where nobody can read it from the outside, just to keep safe.


We have one too but have never used it. I must dig it out of the cupboard and fill it in. Thanks for the reminder!


I am going to get one too.


Wow 1st time I have heard of this. Will get one too. Thanks x


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