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How many infections can you get

hello all,Im an alpha sufferer but find this site great for support and related situations.

just had a great holiday in Norfolk where the air is pretty good,come home ill as a dog again. my dosage has gone up x6 on steroids & now the next pills up on amoxacillin.

Does anyone have some tips of how to keep sane and healthy ,as many of you I just feel rubbish at times & feel i should keep aeway from work.that only creates worry on that part.this will be the 5th week off in 6 months.

any comments feed back would be good as I'm starting to worry mope ,which is not me & not good for the family

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It's hard I get loads of infections, on maintainance antibiotics but don't know if they help.I have been off work nearly 3 months now try to keep positive go back to your GP, consultant tell them how you feel Val


Get a sputum test to see what is causing your infections it may need a different treatment. It is not always caused by bacteria. Eat healthy, stay positive and talk to your respiratory team & GP.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


I went through a period like this. Finally they changed my antibiotics and the infection cleared up. its an awful redicament to be in. Is there anyway you could work from home at all? I am taking immunosuppressants so I have a laptop my work supplied me with that allows me to work at home if I am feeling a little run down or if there are lots of coughs and colds going around the office. Have you spoken to your employer about your health? All i can advise is get your sputum analysed and try and make sure you get the best antibiotic for it for a good fortnight, and eat a healthy diet - its amazing how different it can make you feel.

Good luck.



As mentioned already getting a sputum check done to find out what is causing the infections is good advice.

A few more tips here:

Also you may find more informatuion and advice by contacting the BLF helpline or visiting the alpha1org website:

all good wishes



cool thanks to all for the quick information ,some tried some not, but thanks.currently enjoying the front room with the blinds closed


I also went through repeated chest infections. Then I read the leaflets supplied with my inhalers and found one of them can cause chest infections (and pneumonia). As I felt litttle benefit from using it I gave it up. I have not had a chest infection since - 2 years. Maybe a coincidence, but maybe not.


can you tell us which inhaler that is may be causing similar for others amongst us.


Here you will find the side effects listed and this:

"The following side effects have also been reported in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):

Pneumonia and bronchitis (lung infection)."


thanks, auntymary


good morning ,no worries im a half full man normally


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