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Happy Monday!

Hello friends!

well its sunny, but rather breezy, here today in "shimmyville" the washing is on the line and I have had a little sit outside.

this morning we celebrated the first Monday of the hols by having breakfast out (a family tradition) Mum and I were whizzed round in wheelchairs by the boys (synchronised wheelchairing as an olympic sport????).

When I first started using a chair to get about I was very self concious but I'm getting used to it...hey if it gets me out and about it can't be bad! It's still annoying when people have a good glare but, hey ho whatever makes 'em happy, I personally have better things to think about!!!

this afternoon I'm doing some work, a few more bits for the big commission I've been working on and some samples to get ready for september classes (I teach textile crafts in adult ed).

the boys are having a clear out in the kitchen as I'm having some new storage shelves put in tomorrow, They have also promised to clean the car but we'll see.....

hope everyone else is having a good day today and that the sun is visiting your part of the planet.

Mrs S xx

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sorry about your weather stitch! be strong dont give in to the housework bug!!

My commission is for a vintage style wedding, I have made lavender bags for all the guests with their photographs on them, I'm also doing some decorational bits for the venue...its been lovely making them, for a really lovely bride!

you can see some images of them at:


Thanks x

No not silk painting, they are prints of my own photos,I use heat transfer method to print onto vintage and found fabric.

Glad you like them x


Windy and cooler here also, were is the sunshine? ;)


ah well, it proves its not always grim up North!


It's hot here in london 28 degrees, forecast for 30 on wednesday.hope everyone is having a good day, whatever the weather xx


Thank you Mrs S - its also beautiful weather down south, out and about this morning, exercise, a quick shop, got a bit too hot around mid day but now waiting for some cool off for a spot of late afternoon / evening garden time :)

Wishing you and all a great week, let there be sunshine for all.


Glad you had a good day. The weather being nice makes all the difference. I have been keeping an eye on the humidity levels and down south it has dropped dramatically which certainly helps with the breathing.

I had an exciting day - I saw the Olympic torch go past in Bromley. Think I got more of a buzz than my son!


Hi Gillian, it is exciting seeing the torch pass by I experienced that last week, it was very exciting, I enjoyed it tremendously.


the torch came by us ages ago, I watched it on the internet but my 3 boys were watching live, No:2 son was part of the official "meet and greet" from school and was holding a banner, so he was easy to spot!!


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