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what is happening

hello i am a first timer on this site. i have copd can any one tell me what is happening i some times have what i think is a muscle spassem . i get a very sharp pain below my lungs and can feel something sticking out which lasts for seconds i have to stand up i can feel the muscle letting go like suction letting go also has started to happen down my right side upper body when i move certain ways like a cramp.

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I also get these spasms my consultant sent me for a cat scan last week i am awaiting the results nervously, but will let you know once i get them .

xx Gill .


thank you for your reply hope results r ok look forward to hear from you again


I'm not sure, but I think that this may be because our lungs are somewhat enlarged. I get this when I bend over, and it's as if my lungs are complaining that there's not enough room for them. Hope your scan manages to find out what the problem is and maybe you could pop back and let us know the results.


am in habit of carrying my charged mobile with me wherever I go, even if just down the drive - it helps me feel safe. x


I think what you are all talking about is a simple muscle cramp, the same as the leg cramps that come on in the night. Extremely painful and frightening. My partner had them quite often ( he had a heart problem, no breathing problems) and he used to try and push himself up against a wall to try to shove it back. Don't think it ever worked, but the urge to do SOMETHING is very strong.

In my case, when this happens to me (comes on mostly from bending over to do something) I grab something cold (usually a bottle of milk) from the fridge and shove it up my jumper against the spasm/pain and it goes almost immediately. Have to be careful afterwards though, as there feels as though there is an inclination for it to come back. The spasm/cramp lasts for a long time (minutes?) if I don't do that.

A pharmacisit friend told me that it is a shortage of oxygen in the blood. Could be that I suppose.

Anyway, it seems that the application of the sudden cold thing releases the spasm. Standing on something cold seems to release the spasm of leg cramps, at least it does for me. Always must remember that we are all different. Anyway, I hope my input will be of help.


yes see the doc - i many times (not always though) relieve my muscle spasms by this method. maybe check this also with the doc.

Two fingers about an inch apart - both hands -

press for few seconds with two fingers on each end of muscle (where you think the ends of muscles are) and then move the hands towards each other an inch at a time, pressing for few seconds with all 4 fingers at each new point.... it amazes people that this often works ...

apparently the theory is that the brain is fooled into thinking the reverse status of the muscle is happening so the brain catches up. ... that's my layperson explanation of it :) I can tell if it's 'restless leg' or muscle spasm by whether this works for me or not. Even the general restless leg is eased by this rather gentle self-massage.


thank you for your feedback it was helpfull


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