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busy Friday

I had a very busy Friday!

Firstly a friend's son came round to measure up for some new cupboards for my kitchen....really pleased, I've been waiting for ages for him to have some spare time to do them!

then a trip to see my consultant, we went in early (!!!) for appointment, which meant I was back at school in time to see No:3 son leave primary school!

A trip to the garden centre for coffee and cake with hubby, boys and granny too! indian meal out.....phew havent done so much for months!! don't think I'll be doing much today!!

the visit to the consultant was very productive, I have Non Specific Interstitial Pneumonitis, and will be seeing a specialist in Manchester in next week or meantime back on the steriods! He also said I can go back to work in September (when term starts again) I'll only be doing one class to start with but I'm happy about that cos I miss my job loads! Excercise-wise he suggests I wait to see the new doc first, and thats ok too :-) he also says he'll help my application for my blue badge.... so its all good! he even gave me the name of a consultant at the nearest hospital to our holiday cottage, who would be able to help me if I became poorly while away....good service eh??

Today i shall be having a lazy Saturday, No:1 son and hubby are out on a boot buying trip...he's off to Switzerland next week and discovered his walking boots were tight this week...will he ever stop growing????

Nos:2 & 3 will be chilling with me...the last week of term has finished them off, between them they've had 6 performances, two awards ceremonies and two assemblies....we might do the ceremonial emptying of the school bags later!

Being a teacher myself and mum being a teacher too, the first day of the hols has always been special..... the first Monday we always go out for breakfast, en masse, so, even though I've been off since March, I'm celebrating too!

have a happy day everybody whatever you are up to :-)

Mrs S xx

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I'm out of breath just reading, what is going on and what you have done, enjoy the weekend Lynne x


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