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Pulmonary rehab?

Hi everyone, i'm new to the board and still finding my way around. I keep reading about pulmonary rehab and how useful and important it is , but although i was diagnosed with severe asthma and bronchiectasis about 15 years ago, neither my GP or hospital consultant have mentioned this. Should i perhaps bring it up with them and ask if it might be helpful for me?

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Hi, mention it to them I had to Val


Hi Huffnpuffer

ask your GP to refer you l now just my second rehab course it does help l have C.O.P.D and am on oxgen 24 per day but l found it very helpful as well as keeping fit you get to meet people who will be having the same problems as your self l am now going to a keep fit class on wedsdays plus l am giong a gym good luck keep on at them.


Definitely ask to be referred for this. I only have mild bronchiectasis (and asthma) but I found it incredibly helpful. I learnt so much more about why my lungs do what they do and how to manage my condition. It helps you to learn how to get the exercise you need as well. It has made a real difference to me.



Hi Im doing pulmonory rehab at moment and I feel its doing me good. Its also good to meet other people with lung disease so you dont feel so alone. Go for it and good luck x


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