Sudden increase of symptoms? What to do to address this?

After 2 years of feeling pretty good, I have suddenly developed worse symptoms this past week. There is a more pronounced clenching sensation in my abdomen, and I don't know what is causing this, breathing has become a bit more laborious, circulation in the ankles has felt more restricted-mainly in the evening, and I have felt slightly disorientated. My oxygen levels were good when I visited the practice nurse the other day. Can anyone advise-particularly about the clenching feeling in the stomach?

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  • Hi

    Did you discuss your symptoms witht he practice nurse? What advice did she give? I would suggest that perhaps you should ask for an appointment to see your GP to discuss the symptoms.

    Do you have new or increased swelling in your ankles? - you should get this checked out - also the worsening breathing could be a sign of an infection (not sure what your lung condition is).

    Why don't you ring your GP and get an appointment as soon as you can.


  • Whats an action plan yogabear? Its never been mentioned to me by an medical people before. Were you offered one or should I ask for it? Thanks x

  • I would advise you to see your Doctor if nothing else to put your mind at rest and you may just catch an infection before it gets worse. TAD x

  • Hi

    Thank you all for the replies so far. I was diagnosed with mild emphysema at the beginning of 2008. I quit smoking 6 months later, took up regular exercise and have not smoked again since.

    I take ventolin, symbicort and spiriva. What really puzzles me is this stomach clenching feeling, accompanied by more laboured breathing and sometimes chest tightness. I wonder if it is to do with the lung obstruction affecting the diaphragm which is causing the clenching feeling in the stomach. I have made a GP appointment, but would appreciate thoughts on what it might be. I hope you feel better soon Gordon57. It is a distressing feeling isn't it!

    I feel quite isolated with it too sometimes, and don't feel comfortable talking to family or friends about it as they don't want to hear it.

  • If you want to talk to someone about what is going on call us on the BLF Helpline - 03000 030 555.


  • The stomach clenching may well be the lungs trying hard to get the air OUT of your lungs.With emphysema the air gets trapped inside and there isnt room to get more air in and , well I tend to clench my stomach muscles when I struggle to breathe. Hope you understood that. But get it checked out.

  • I would strongly advise you to do as Mark suggests, i am not a doctor, but was a trained nurse and it could be a number of problems, so if you discuss it with someone from blf you will at least have a good assessment of what they feel may be the cause of your symptons, hoping you start to feel better soon, kind regards Janie62

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