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oxygen levels

Hi I just wondered if anybody can help me, when I was admitted to hospital the chest doctor said that I had COPD. Now I am begining to doubt this as my oxygen levels are always above 95%, but I am on my 4th lot of antibios in 7 weeks, I have some kind of bug in my lungs that doesnt want to go away. I have the resp nurses and physios come to my home twice aweek, and are waiting to go to rehab. Could somebody please try and give me some answers, thanks to everybody and I hope you are all feeling as well as can be expected Julia

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Your oxygen levels can still be "normal" and you can still have COPD - see what responses come along here - but if you want to call the Helpline - 03000 030 555 - and talk to someone about what is going on - and get some answers and clarification.




Hi sat here reading reading you blog checked my sats 96/ 95 stable at 94 i have stage 3 severe COPD. information on sats is limited 94 or less indicates lung problem my sats have been in the lower 80 there recover after 5/10 minutes if resting.


My SATS sit at around 97/98% at rest in room temperature but when I did a walk test they fell to about 89%. That was about a year ago, my at rest SATs have remained the same but I think my fitness is slightly better so I have a feeling they might not drop as low.

Thats about all I can say really. If you have an infection I know this can make them drop a little too.



Hi and thanks to you all that answered, sorry not been back on earlier but wasnt too well, my resp nurse came yesterday and I told her that I had been smoking alot,( I felt stressed and weepy) I tend to turn to the ciggies more when I feel low,feel as if nobody understands what I feel like and that is s**t most of the time, only you guys on here really know what its like.

She said that smoking can mimic red blood cells therefore giving a good oxygen reading, so that may answer my question I dont know. I am so pi**ed of, of feeling like this, sorry



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