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Saw my consultant today and looks like things are starting to move. I am being put on rehab 6 week course. All my medical records from the past 13 years been passed on to my new consultant at my new hospital. I have also been told that I have pulmomary fibrose on the bottom part of my lungs and emphysema at the top. PF was diagnosed ten years and Emphysema diagnosed 18 months . I can't do nothing in singles it always has to be a double blow. Has the rehab prog helped others on this forum?


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Freg, Thank you for that. I have read the Zoee's blog and found it helpful. I have stopped smoking weeks ago (but still fighting that little man on my left shoulder) and winning.


Pullmonary rehab will help you manage you condition in the best way possible & improve your wellbeing

Best wishes


Hi Davhil sorry to hear about your illness. I started Pulumunary rehab 2 weeks ago and am finding it helpful. We have a psychologist and an excercise expert. We spend about 1 hours each time doing simple excercises. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own speed. Hope it works for you. All the best. x

Dave, yes pulmonary rehabilitation has been of great benefit to me personally.

Congratulations in stopping smoking. Wishing you every success in staying smoke free.

Still waiting for it.

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