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emotional afternoon!

just got back home from my son's primary school. He leaves tomorrow but today was his leavers assembly. It was very emotional as he is my youngest and we have been part of the school for 12 years now. In fact my husband and his sisters attended the school too!

It was an emotional goodbye to some of the staff and especially the head and the SenCo who I have worked very closley with over the years.

My friends and I managed to stay in control until they did the traditional clapping Y6 out of the hall...then we had a little sob!

I'm shattered now but sometimes its worth using your energy and I have nothing I need to do for the rest of the day. I feel a cuppa and a TV fest coming on.

Off to see my consultant tomorrow, quite looking forward to it, I have a list of things I want to ask him and it's a pleasant clinic with cheerful staff.

When thats all over we are meeting up with my mum and our 3 boys for huge (apparently) ice creams at a local garden centre to celebrate the begining of the holidays :-)

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I know how you feel it was my grandsons leaving assembly as well, although I could not go my daughter has sent me some photos its lovely to see him dressed up in a shirt and tie and looking very proud.

Good luck with the consultant and enjoy your ice cream.

take care



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