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Hi I am new to this site I have just been told that I have copd by my health nurse said not to bad I have tried to give up smoking in the past I stopped smoking for 6months earlier this year, but then had a bad turn you know things got on top of me people keep ing on so I had a fag n still smoke I want to stop I have an electric fag which I use at times but not when I am so run down. I hope you can understand that. Well thanks for reading this n glad I joined ta

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Hello maybe :) and welcome !

Glad you could join us. I have to confess I'm in exactly the same boat and, like you, have an electronic cigarette, though I alternate with a real one. It has helped me to cut down enormously and, eventually, I hope to quit completely.

Keep on trying !

Thanks I am glad that someone is in my boat .I will keep trying but need the right time.

welcome maybe.

just remember no one is perfect and so slip ups might happen.

it is hard for some people to give up and you will do it eventually.

good luck


Hi Maybe, welcome to forum if you need any support or advice on smoking cessation services please do call us here at the helpline on 03000 030 555

kind regards


Hi Maybe, Welcome to the community. Don't give up on giving up. I had many failed attempts before I succeded. I'm sure you will be successfull.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Electronic cigs are pretty good, I used one for a while and it got me off the cigs and then I found it easier to cut down the electronics one. I found the the Skycig batteries where good and used those with Vaporlights cartomizers.

Where did you get the skycigs from I looked on line but couldnt find out an address or info of where to get them from or how to send off for them

Good luck maybe keep on trying to give up smoking it will be a massive help if you manage it , my husband gave up 15 years ago after a nurse urged him to use the voice in the head method , every time he got a crave a voice in his mind said loudly NO, now i know its hard i gave up myself using patches ten years ago but this method worked for my hubby , good luck .

xx Gill

I agree with Gillwigan, patches and willpower worked for me. Sorry for being blunt but Ecigs do not cut down your dependency for nicotine.

I know that you are not inhaling all the crap from traditional cigs - but you are not breaking the craving nicotine brings and therefore the chance of reverting back to "real" cigararettes is always going to be high.

It take time to stop smoking, I was on patches for three months and I can honestly say that after 2 or 3 days on the patches my habit of reaching for a fag every ten minutes or so had gone.

Recognise your triggers for smoking because that is the thing you have to beat, as Gillwigan says a loud voice in your head saying NO should help.

You may still crave nicotine, but this craving actually lasts for 3 or 4 minutes only - although at first it does seem longer!

Do not givie up giving up, it is the best thing I have managed to do for years.

Hi Maybe, and welcome. I smoked for over 40 years, starting at age 13, what a mistake! I was eventually persuaded by my chest consultant to give up. I told my husband who gave up immediately and never looked back, I had patches from the doctor which were good but gave me pains in my arm muscles, so went back to will power, I had a few hiccups here and there but eventually 18 ish years ago I succeeded so just keep trying and don't beat yourself up if you have a little setback, you will win in the end.

take care


those of us that have more severe COPD probably caused by smoking would love to go back in tim and quit earlier and so we would be better than we are are lucky to have such an early diagnosis. Every best wish for quitting....we can all do it, I now believe.

Had some brill advice and encouragement from a fellow blogger who suggested Alan Carr's book.

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