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out and about

I've been out and about this morning with my apprentice/wheelchair pusher!! I drove further than I have for a while to source some bits and bats for a commission. We stopped en route for a coffee....important to pace oneself I think ;-)

I'm shattered now though..ridiculous, I get cross with it all sometimes!

Feet up this afternoon, might do some hand sewing whilst watching a film on TV...then I can kid myself I'm working!

what's everyone else up to?...its pretty sunny here but windy....might get some washing out (well get No:1 son to do it anyway!)

Mrs S xx

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I had a visit from my respiratory nurse yesterday. He took away the data card from my BiPAP machine and reported to me this morning that the results were perfect :) so I'm feeling pretty high at the moment.

Nothing much planned for today though, the clouds here are looking pretty threatening with only the occasional burst of bright sunshine. Tomorrow is our regular trip across the Pennines into Lancashire to visit my other half's mum.

I think I can feel a wardrobe re-shuffle coming on though ....... ;)

thats great news Elian!

think the weathers supposed to be good this side of the pennines tomorrow, might even break out a skirt!

Having a fairly lazy day, well ive been doing accounts sat down so just brain dead now lol, weather in the south east was lovely then a sudden down pour, now relaxing with a cuppa xx

enjoy your feet up didnt happen yet....maybe when the boys are home!

I managed to get some energy to bake some cupcakes! Taking a break before going to collet my son from school - then we can tuck into some cakes!

Sounds like you have had a lovely morning as well.

Aw nice...homemade cupcakes yum! hope you and your son enjoy them :-)

im hoping to have energy to bake cupcakes my daughters 11th bday saturday and she loves them, so hoping to do them friday and suprise her! just had a guilty snickers bar! seem to love chocolate lately xx

hope you manage the cupcakes, is your daughter having a party or a nice treat?

were having a bbq but have put it off for couple of weeks as weather here not good , and as always alot of friends away first couple of wks of the school hols, but this wkend hope to go to beach sunday when weather is better and providing im up to it, tommrow just family round but that will be busy as lots of them! xx

Been climbing up ladders today so am now really tired out, going out for a few beers thousand as have some friends from Cornwall who we have not seen for a while staying locally.

nice one!

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