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Anyone know what happens next - about to be diagnosed with COPD

Hello all

Had 4 chest infections in the last year and have noticed Im out of breath when walking fast or going upstairs or pushing the hoover. Went to GP and she made me blow into a tube. Then she said it could be early onset emphesemia. They did xray, blood tests (dont know what for) and spirometry. The nurse doing the spiro test said xray was clear and spiro showed moderate. Then I got a letter asking me to make a GP appointment. Im going on Saturday but what happens next do I see a consultant or do I get medication / inhalers. Im ok out and about as long as I dont rush so dont really feel that ill.

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Hi cathy, i am newly diagnosed, I was diagnosed in march with mild copd after being diagnosed with asthma several years ago. The doctor kept trying me with different inhalers and tablets, then after a year or two with trying different ones, the nurse said that she would test me. My doctor kept me on the inhalers i was already on, ventoline and symbicort and was writing for me to get onto the pulmonary rehab list. I went for my initial visit and start my rehab on 30 july. I am now on spiriva too. everyone on here seems to have been referred to a consultant and respiratory nurse, my doctor wont send me. The blood test was for alpha 1. I have been told that i have emphysema/bronchitis. I have spent the last 5 and half years having chest infections regularly, pneumonia, pleurisey and no one was ever concerned with how often i was ill, i had no end of chest xrays too. Your doctor may not change your medication, depending on what you are taking at the moment and if you arent too bad they may just keep a regular eye on you with what you are taking. Good luck for sat, ask to be referred for pulmonary rehab. I get out of breath just walking slowly. I have the blue badge for my car now. San x

Hi San thanks for replying. Im not on medication at the moment although the GP did offer me an inhaler quite a few times over the last 3 or 4 years when I have had chest infections. They did an xray every year for the past 3 years too but other than the good old antibiotics have not had anything yet. I have resisted using inhalers as I didnt want to start on them unless I really have to but think I will have to soon especially if I get another infection

Hi Cathy..I am newly diagnosed having been ill with chesst infections constantly from april. Clear chest xrays , antibiotics ventolin help. I was frightened to take the inhalers that they have just given me but the difference they have made to me in just a few days is amazing. I have even managed a whole nights sleep without coughing.My husband says i have been so ill for so long that that one nights sleep has to be a plus and a good start on a the long road ahead. best wishes marie

Hi Cathy welcome.

When you see your doc you may want to ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant who can authoritize more thorough investigations concerning your breathing difficulties. The consultant will also arrange for a cardiac check as part of the lung checks which involve a series of tests including a CT scan. There are nothing to worry about with these test, they are routine to help the consultant determine precisely the nature of your lung condition.

You GP may well prescribe you with inhaler medication to help you manage the breathlessness, but the consultant I feel will know better which medications will likely help you the most after thorough investigations.

Hope all goes well for you. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.


went to see the doctor Monday this week and she just prescribed me 2 inhalers and told me to come back in 3 weeks time. So after having read a bit on this thread I asked her if I had to see a lung specialist or do rehab ? excercises. She said they dont do any of that unless there are repeated hospital admissions. She said come back in 3 weeks to check the inhalers - has given me Ventolin to relieve it and Atrovent to use 3/4 times a day.

Then I got another letter today to go and see them to discuss the blood test results so dont know what thats about.

Im worried about taking the Atrovent as I read somewhere it can make u sick n dizzy - I had just one puff so far but was ok (should be 2 puffs 3/4 times a day.

Anyway I have COPD Moderate. Dont know whats going to happen next but I asked if I am now disabled and she said no and that I can still work so thats ok.

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