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Ill again

Hey everyone. I've been feeling unwell since Saturday - sore throat, swollen, painful glands, a stinker of a headache, fever, blocked sinuses... :( Today I started coughing and the mucus I'm producing is green, but I can't tell if it's coming from my lungs or is just in my throat from my sinuses. So fed up feeling rotten. I have no energy and no appetite and I've just run out of paracetamol so will have to venture out for more. Still haven't had my chest clinic appointment from being diagnosed with bronchiectasis so I'm really unsure whether I need antibiotics for every infection. My GP is to ring me within the next couple of hours, so I guess he'll advise me. I just needed to vent I guess. Will be interesting to hear what the GP says. This will be my first dealing with him since my diagnosis. I'm hoping he'll be clued up and sympathetic!


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Sorry to hear you are not well. Hopefully your Doc will get you sorted out - i would imagine with anti bio's and Prednisolone. Whatever the treatment though, i hope you make a rapid recovery. Take care, Parvati.


So sorry you are feeling unwell. Any sign of infection needs treating asap with any lung condition. I am so pleased you have a telephone appointment with the doc within the next hour or so. Be sure to tell your doc all the symptoms, those you have mentioned here and any other symptoms you are presenting.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately my GP decided he didn't need to speak to me, though he did get the receptionist to ring and tell me he'd left me a prescription. So I'm on clarithromycin for the next week. The joys!


run ragged - Having green or yellow sputum is a dead giveaway for a chest infection. You definately need antibiotics! Having had lots of these in my life im fairly expert at the symptons! Now I have COPD I usually have to have steriods as well. hope you feel better soon. x


Runragged, ask your GP about keeping a supply of antibiotics at home. That way an infection can be treated immediately, without need to wait for an appointment.


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